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Baby doll main sone di.


IamDon9999 says:

India needs half European genes plus $100,000 70mm camera, plus Photoshop
software’s to come up with the result of how sunny Leone is looking in the
song. Pakistani beauty can do it all with just a phone camera. Lol

TheEverythingYoville says:

Fuck everything

IamDon9999 says:

Mujra in Pakistani Punjab.

Sona Malik says:

@ bali3707 100% agreed wd u 

Jam Shahbaz says:

Feelings ashamed as a Pakistani.

Rosie Bella says:

Nasty randi prostitute. The fat uncles are disgusting. This is nasty

kr gizmo says:

one of the reasons why uneducated people with too much wealth is a disgrace
to themeselves.

Teo Tehh says:

This is soo gross and wrong x

sunny cheng says:

Horny cunts

DesiMC says:

Whats her name ? contact details ?

susee love says:

sardariya wowwwwwwwwwwwww number one

Asheesh Khajuria says:

This girl has some serious talent and a great body, which can be groomed
for better.
Shame she has to lead such a disrespectful life..
God bless her..

Abdullah Chisti says:

In hi cheezo mein aaj Pakistan reh gaya hai aur proudly kehtai hai hum
musalman mulk hai aur inhi kaamo kai liyai alag bhi hua tha…

samina alam says:

Fear Allah

Imran Khan says:

another example of Pakistani hypocrisy…. no one blames u Pakistani to
make vulagr Mujra dance as national culture but the problem is u always
preach other on modesty and Islam but u dont see ur own dirty things – thts

bali3707 says:

To all gandoes who hate this n posting negative comments my question is
what the fuck r u guys doin here if u don’t like it? Kia kera ha Bhai Gand
ma k Pakistan ma ya horaha ha wo horaha ha isi lia pak ke ya halat ha
wagaira Maa k loro stop judging people. Have a look at ur self u watch this
n masturbate while posting ur shity coments that m ashamed of Being
Pakistani u knw what u shud b mother fuckers Cz tum Khud wohi kam kar k
dosroun ko bura kehtay ho haa madarchodo lanat ha tumhari Zat pa

Aisha Choudhury says:


galass diouf says:

dur lantan je

Paklarki says:

I just feel sorry for this girl don’t know wat cercum stand she has to do
this dirty job and look at that thurki Buddha 

janaam18 says:

boring dancing …

MsAdamali says:

bada sona kusra ne ji…lol

Hammad Abbasi says:

shame you guy who uploaded such type of dirty video on you tube. yar yeh
behn chod tu kanjar hene tum be kya kanjar ho ju apne mulk ka name dunia
bhar mene kharab kar rahe ho…

Jam Shahbaz says:

Feelings ashamed as a Pakistani.

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