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Ultimate 17 Blue Match 3 vs Brazil Minas Tenis Clube 17 Game 2 Ultimate Boys Volleyball Club At Great Lakes Center Pre-National Tournament 06-16-2012


dm_5164cdcb1fdc1 says:

Hello Tony. My name is Fernanda Queiroz. I am a volleyball coach here in Brazil. My athlete Andre Lacerda ( OH hitter from Brazil team Minas tenis clube) really need this material from the competition in Chicago. Do you have all the videos from this competition? Andre is looking for a good material for present to a head volleyball coach at the USA. He has couple offers already but need more videos. If you can help us, please send me an email at: [email protected]/ [email protected]

We can pay for shipping all the games.

My best,
Fernanda Queiroz

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