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Moria Chappell – Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.


bellydancerocks321 says:

I wish I had a place to dance like the one she’s in.

shayla Thorn says:

and to think i played on her dadys lawn with her when she was small and elf
like Mo ya done us all proud hun.!

MariaGlamcore says:

this takes so much talent and hard work, I truly appreciated this 🙂

Emily English says:

sheer perfection!

zenkahuna says:

beautiful dancing, terrific arm bracelets, rich setting, solid
music….thumbs up!

taliajazel says:

is it on youtube? =]

MidiPunk says:

Maduro – Karakas

123martyna says:

As I was watching I couldnt help but say “wow”, most inspiring and sensual
tribal fusion dancer out there! My muse 🙂

nefabit says:

What is the name of this song? Thanks! 😀

B0ushit0 says:

What’s the name of the song pleeaaassseee?

JuggernautGrim says:

Wow… she’s like Cleopatra reanimated..

BlueLotusMehndi says:

Moria has wicked interpretive skills that make her a standout among tribal
fusion dancers. Delicious.


..espectacular rendimiento ! hayra alâmet ~ Amir

Crimson Serpentine says:

this is the first time i’ve seen this amazing bellydancer…very nice!

CSenfiniti says:

@zahrabellybelly if i tried to do 2:55 I would break my back hahaha. The
first I saw this video I’m pretty sure I watched that part like 30 times.

edithhel says:

what is the name of this music ?

djcheesycheese says:

@sleepymollusk: there are no vocals :p Artist -Maduro Album – Shimmer
Sustain Song – Karakas It’s not the same without Moria (Khazad-dûm).

TribalDanceLover says:

The dvd has dancer’s cut, too. That’s where the good filming is 😉

scorpiokorea says:

Karakas by Maduro. u can find it on itunes.

Amanda Sprague says:

Love, love, love watching Moria dance. She is my ultimate inspiration for
tribal belly dance!

Artur C. says:

She hipnotized me …………………..

SSHARLIE101 says:


Aimee Furey says:

wow i would love to be able to dance even half as good as she does but
teaching myself isn’t going to well and i cant find classes where i live :/

edithhel says:

aweasome ! BTW , What is the name of this song ? i love it !

playmattefatima says:

i´m not very sure but the name of the song is karakas 😀 and me liked too
this song Moria wow!! she is amazing!!!

myteetharebleeding says:

is anyone else noticing that this chick actually pulls off the “on the
forehead” tyoe of head dress? i usually hate that, but this chick looks
really good with it!

Amanda Allender says:

I must know what this song is!!! Beautiful dancing 🙂

MsPrince4life says:

This is song is so fun to dance to : )

anabibi1190 says:


Missy Rabbit says:

I would throw out my knees and hips if I tried that move!

onegoodcat says:

she’s good!

owlszendiva says:

Song ..please?

elementaldreamscape says:

she’s so raw and gutteral! <3

nefabit says:

Thank you! ^_^

samanthasmith69 says:

this is the coolest fucking thing i’ve ever seen

taliajazel says:

awesome! i really wish someone would dance to Maduro’s Dark Interludes.

MsKalimomo says:

definitely tapped into the medusa sensuality…

hffhh says:

finally… a girl that can get me off from the top…

x109256 says:

she really looks like a snake. Girls got style

Crimson Serpentine says:

whats the name of this DVD? i want to buy it!!! LOVE ALL THE PERFOMANCES!!

Untraviolet666 says:

vorbild :O

nadia shestova says:

How all the musics called ? Please ? I love!!!

Beba Acevedo says:

I had never seen this style before! wow what a great interpretation!

Julio Cruz says:

im in love

Shaunna Lynn says:

Wow Moria is awesome! I wish dance like her

Katiane Muniz says:

a dança dela é hipnotizante…ela tem um estilo unico

bellydancerocks321 says:

This is B – E – A – U – T – I – F – U – L!!!

Farasha Hanem says:

@Lulu6214 No, “Strange Flesh” is an album by Solace, not Maduro, and it’s
spelled “Karakas.” It’s from Maduro’s album, “Shimmer Sustain.”

sakuradreams8 says:

she looks like she is having so much fun!

thyfierykiss says:

oh, man, I’m sorry I didn’t find this vid sooner

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