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Me Mixing up some brazilian tunes!!..ME MIXING NOT MIXMIESTER!..LOL…let me stress that!!..BUT ENJOY!!..COMMENT AND RATE!!! DOWNLOAD LINK HERE!!!!….. http…


Dexter0023 says:

@black6metal6chick6 Can i have also the songs names please?

ribeiroanaclaudia9 says:

Gente eu tbm tinha vergonha mas nao pensem assim, pois vejam muitos gringos
queriam estar em nosso lugar !! Pois sempre perguntam nomes de nossas
musicas e acham as incriveis ! Vamos nos orgulhar! Eu tbm nao gosto de funk
só me orgulho pq todos gostam de nosso pais!!..

macho88 says:


macho88 says:

LOL thanks!!..hahaa…

gilboogie says:

Excellent Mix… Im loving the slide show also… Been feeling the
brazilian club tunes lately…

macho88 says:

goodlooking out GIL!!!..

KelaVision says:

Upload the mix yooo!

PokeyStix says:


1trikpony says:

now this is some true brazilian funk-

Brenno Damasceno says:

Veendo assim tenho até vergonha do meeu país …

elgntlove3 says:

I never got the email, 2 months later.

elgntlove3 says:

Great mix! Is there a site where I can download this MP3?

BEN oNINE says:

whats the name of the last track in the mix?

Marco.DG says:

i search a brasilian song that say something like “dadaumba da danda
eh….” if someone know the name tell me please!

sheinye xiao says:

what the name of the last song ?

yurigtzip says:

w w w . t o p f u n k . n e t

macho88 says:

@elgntlove3 ill post the download link for u too..sorry i forgot..

Khristelish says:

Mc Creu-Danca do creu

elgntlove3 says:

@macho88 Thanks!

yurigtzip says:

You have not seen women dancing it!

ThatBigTheCatFan says:


simone Costa lima says:

Os hip hops nao sao muito diferentes em materia de baixaria nao. Convido a
virem dar um passeio no bairro do Queens aqui no EUA , verao que o Brasil
nao e o unico.

DFM3D says:

tracklist? :O

Raul Mejia says:

This is funk? This is bullshit.

IlariaCeline says:

What’s the name of the song at 1:49?

thiago pereira says:

the singer’s name is “Margarete Menezes”

black6metal6chick6 says:

can you send me these songs on my email too.

elgntlove3 says:

@elgntlove3 Never got the link, 5 months later.

macho88 says:

@black6metal6chick6 ill post a download link for you

yurigtzip says:

@DeeJAYDramatico w w w . t o p f u n k . n e t

SneakyPete67 says:

Even if you did do it on with Mixmeister, I’d still be impressed!

macho88 says:

@elgntlove3 send email again sorry totally

Chaxum Reed says:

…what the hell are these sounds supposed to be?

April Lima says:

can you email me the MP3 and names of songs? Love this mix!

demilcv says:

Maan que vergonha do meu.pais

MrMoosejaw1 says:

im with you saiya, that was complete dog shit

racer76767 says:

This music better then the last couple vids i disliked

Roman Gonzalez says:


Roman Gonzalez says:

Where can i download brazilian funk music ??

macho88 says:

@elgntlove3 no but if you would like to send me an email in a message i can
send u the mp3 through email if u want?

macho88 says:

@elgntlove3 LMAO..damn…gonna upload and add to the description now!!>.sry
forgot AGAIN!!

Jamal Mckay says:

Whats the name of the first song?

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