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CallmeChrissss says:

Diddy’s just casually eating fried chicken in the club lol

bryan singh says:

for a rich ass niga he sure got allot of one dollars bill lol

victoria dixon says:

the fact every body that is koo wit tyga knows what she look like as in
naked … hmm .. 

elijah williams says:

less talking more of the girl


And Tyga Proud Of This Stripper? Who Bend Ova And Shakkin Her Asss Infront
of all these Rappers?? And This His Main Chickk

Aisha Walker says:

Blacc Chyna has a nice body but her ass looks hella plastic. it’s aight

jenay rucker says:

kmsl 5:28

Edgar eduardo says:

what song rick roos?

Tay Marie says:

Us hake my head chinas u a nasty slutt

jasmany19 says:

DJ Khaled is so fucking lame and annoying. 

Desmond Games says:

i want to have sex with that grilso bad i wank over her

Justin Barrett says:

yall must not know this was in 2011, before Tyga and Chyna started dating.
Chyna isnt a stripper anymore, she has common sense not to do that as a
mother. Tyga would have gone TF off on Ross, Wiz, and everyone there if
they were together at this time.

April D says:

Ohhhh Sh!t O: DAMNNNNN Them titties on point tho 

Pearl Foo says:

she aint even dance she still hot tho ;)

karen Nobles says:

It’s a shame that they can spend all kinds of money on strippers,but people
around the world are starving and homeless.Just a thought. 

Splitter Luck says:

fake boos&fake ass,WTH~~~~~~

Tay Marie says:

Shake my head black chyna u a nasty slutt*

joe yung says:


michael lee says:

did you see how much money he gave that stripper. and she went home to her
boyfriend and spent his fucking money, whilst he went home and wanked.
should of just brought yourself a whore for the night, :cheaperthat way;.

Brandin Mahasin says:

why the stripper at 2:28 isnt famous that shyt omg that shyt was crazy as
hell she had my heart racing like i just had a heart attach

emmanuel armas says:


DEV MAN says:

yuyj jioiou

Abrianna Kendrick says:

blac chyna vs jhonni blaze

angel a says:

O Бооооже чайна НЕЕЕТ у тебя же ребенок

scott thom says:

wow that is SOME NICE ass

Nic l says:

not set for mobiles?

blaz4arsenal says:

diddy with dem grillz!?!?!?!?!?! ahhahahahahha, is this a joke???

Christopher Jacobs says:

LMAO rick ross said this that fat motherfucker! LMAO

Caleb Warner says:

Thats not true your probly Myan or atheist

Not2008Me says:

Naw bruh everybody has choices…some ppl strip others would work three
jobs if they had to rather than take their clothes off for cash…so we
can’t really say what someone “had to do to eat” everyone has
choices…some ppl just take the rachet way out…would you respect someone
who says I had too much pain I had to smoke crack to be able to deal with
it??? NO, not really that’s an excuse for bad behavior. You wouldn’t want
your daughter to grow up and be this woman

Brian Cummings says:

the akward moment is when u notice the implants

Tony Miralis says:

holy fuck that is the gayest thing iv ever read….

JAYLEE169 says:

dont know whats funnier. the video or the people here trying to speak the
language of the land. LMAO

Tiffany Jackson says:

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Like that should be so embarrassing!
And she ain’t even dancing she just walking around naked with that
obviously fake ass looking lost. Lol

StaySharp215 says:

Tyga, that’s the mother of your child bussin it open on stage, homie!!

sydney nicole says:

her ass has to be fake.

Goose Da Playmaker says:

Ones, bro. The secret is to load up with a whole lot of ones. Check out
2:38-2:50. Save up two paychecks, change those to dollars, and wrap ’em in
a plastic bag. You’re suddenly Rick Ross at the strip club. Not hatin’,
just educatin’…

Samantha Bailey says:

Blac Chyna on this one was weak wheres the pole work she let the no name no
face get the ohh and ahh #yeailovethestrippers

Courtney fryer says:

Well wiz was my favorite part of it

Areyna Regis says:

Stop talking shit because she still getting money and with your nigga tyga.
Why dont you become a stripper and dance . And ofcourse her ass fake are
yall really that dumb? #Nohate.

RochellLove says:

Strippers need love to

Amirhesam Seifnarimani says:

love to watch these people but never wanna be one of them lol never

Anna T says:

She can’t shake her butt cuz it’s fake and hard just like Nicki Minaj can’t
shake her’s either.

martin merro says:

cette fille me fait bander à fond blac china

College_Living says:

why is don king there? lol

murdamillzzz says:

tyga is so stupid. how you got a girl that stupid niggas throw money at all
day and she bringing in thousands of dollars a day. he need to do better.

Natalie Springer says:

Uhhh Bitch I Think I Know That, I Am A Fan!

meh idk says:

Tyga one word cause i am a Big Fan….WTF happen to your fucking brain???

shtelq says:


Ashanta White says:

I love blac Chyna, but it has been proven that you don’t even have to dance
to get rained on. Just have a juicy backside and get naked, and watch what
happens lol

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