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I had to reupload this- sorry for the distortion and the fact that the last one was blocked. YouTube is being so stupid. All I wanna do is dance to some musi…


MeemsCouture says:

I love this, I appreciate what you do. Pole dancing is hard work! Xoxo. If
I tried it be a freaking bloopers video in my channel lol. 

mbnotegirlfans199 says:

can you make a video about your life plz

Haydn Malyon says:

The audio for the music is kind of whack, but I never liked Beyonce anyway.
Heheh. Great work girls. I’d love to see a longer routine like this.

pre180 says:

Youtube is just angry because your globes of awesome are not their globes
of awesome.

Only A Phase says:

You are without a doubt and no exaggeration amazing! Love what you do,

Christina xo says:

ahmazzinggg ! i honestlyy wish i could do pole dancing!

JNellyBellyBeans says:

That was hot!!

Allie Paxtor says:

I didn’t know PANDA pole danced

lyssettelovee says:

I would love love LOVEEE to take these classes! 

Candace Nelson says:

THATS FOR EXCERCISE?!! Looks like sexy fun and freedom!

Laura Gill says:

love this!! you dont mind if I use a couple of moves for my routine do
you?! Its my first one and I am looking for inspiration 🙂 

Jasmine H says:

LOVED IT! Yayyy! Its not blocked!!!! Wooootwooot! So much talent!!!

TheChej says:

I’m so jelly, I want to attend this class 🙁 Love the routine!

Crthottiegyrl says:

That was fire love it ladies 

Glambylitabe says:

You and panda killed it =)

shainatec5 says:

Sienna….. y u do dis??? make me all hot and bothered and shit! -_- LOL

OmgBlahPip says:

I can describe this in one word ermahgerd

mizlabelle says:

there was a pole but no pole dancing..

Lisa Knight says:

Great job.You have an amazing figure. I am a skinny girl, but I still have
back fat 🙁 any advice on how to get rid of it?

cece dojo says:

where did you get your black lipstick from

Amy Sh says:

You’re soo amazing

Ida Milec says:

I love this song!!!!!!!!! 😀

Guys what do you think about my choreo on this song?

blkbarbie0 says:

My boo Amanda was jamming her ass off

Sofía De Gaudenci says:

You’ve inspired me. I love to learn “pole dance”, but my mother will not
let me do it, and here in Argentina is very expensive 🙁 love you, D-I-V-A

Rayion Smith says:

That. Was. FANTABULOUS ♥♥♥

Desiree Sifuentes says:

I seriously need to get in shape so I can start pole dancing!! Keep the
vids coming <3

Kelly Vaz says:

You’re amazing!!!! Envy you!! Xoxo

Maha Sin says:

loooovee itt i m froom moroocoo and i like itt XD !

Kristy Pampling says:

Ah this is amazing, I’m going to my first class of pole dancing tomorrow
night and if I give up I’m just going to watch your videos for more
inspiration. Thank you for sharing your videos cant wait to see more x

Tiffany Nichole says:

Sexy!! I would definitely take this class!!

Cameron Stimac says:

I didn’t know you responded to comments! I got here because of markiplier
and how was it working with him? man id kill to get the chance to even see
him or you! xoxo

Jessica Perez says:


Waterproof13 says:

Okaaay nice floorwork but where is pole dancing ? Nice one anyway :)

SFernandez13461 says:

Brand new to pole dancing — and quickly becoming an addict — and I love
this song, so this was really fun to watch

Mia Fisher says:

Your so pretty I wish I was as pretty as u:)

Sfaithhx0 says:

Omgg I just love your fucking bodyyy!! Obsessed lmao xoxo ly girl !

kkuzi86 says:

I wish I could move and dance like that!

Haley Johnson says:

I love this lol you did good

weeshnaaa says:

I would look absolutely ridiculous trying to do that routine lol I’m very

sam darck says:

Beautiful and hot as hell, good job.

David Jay says:

That was great. 

Alberto Mebarak says:

nice choreography :3

Colinter220 says:

Dat Ass though

siennaspaldingtv says:

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