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Five Hours of Expert Instruction with Celebrity Instructor Seaon Stylist-Bristol. . To learn this course, visit to take this course. Seao…



Where can I find the the whole series of videos? I loved the way you
teach.. I been taking classes everywhere here in La and you explain it very
clearly!! The link is broken

McPsalms says:

Hey Seaon. First time watching your video and like the way you teach. 

hugo gomez says:

Sorry guys thats not salsa its beautiful but is not salsa is kind of
ballroom with some salsa steps actually is more for competition not to have
fun anyways good job bristol i like it. 

Deidri Anne Canlas says:

Can you give me a popular song for a salsa dance? Thanks! :)

Nancy Post says:

Thanks, Bristol, for the easy to follow instructions. I’m a beginner and
loved this class!

greggman says:

Don’t worry about the haters. Someday they’ll get it. I just started a
Salsa class. I can’t believe I put it off this long. I get to dance with
lots of different women and at some point I’m sure I’ll make some woman in
my life very happy by being able to do these kinds of dances. Yea the free
form dance is fun too but the 2 are very different activities. For you
haters, take a single 1hr or 90min class before you knock it.

ladythaidi thaidi says:

love your style!

Saigonnais40 says:

Thank You. Very clear /easy to understand for beginner like me.

Iniabelle Pagan says:


Seaon Stylist-Bristol says:

Maybe you should try getting the entire dance series, and REALLY studying
Salsa. Salsa/Mambo is a dance form.. not something to just “move your body
too” Sorry if we look like robots, but you could say the same thing for
ballet dancers or jazz dancers no? If you study dance, then that’s exactly
what you do… STUDY dance!

legend nibs says:

thank man, that was good.

hugo lezama says:

you dont need do like tha, jus feel the music thats mean like stupid robots
why no say something about how move your stupid body

mabel okoeki says:

nice one. was very helpful

Rudy H says:

Buen video, buena explicacion felicitacionessss…. graciassss

NoJuDo says:

Rally good, thank you

Mamboon2 says:

There are so many debates particularly about where salsa originated from
and exactly what it is or what it is not. Salsa like ANY type of dance is
an art. Salsa has evolved into several different styles that are danced
globally (i.e. on 1, on 2, Rueda Casino, etc.). How you choose to ‘feel’
and dance to the music is your personal choice. If someone who is
not ‘trained’ in dancing salsa prefers to dance to salsa music by feeling
the rhythm of the music as opposed to dancing to an 8 count, is this
incorrect? No, absolutely not. On the same token, if someone (as Seaon
mentions) chooses study a particular style of salsa, perfect their
technique, and practice what they learn on the dance floor, is this
incorrect? Absolutely not. Salsa has a basic rhythm like any other dance,
however, to say that salsa is just one rhythm is deceiving. I think the
bottom line is salsa is a beautiful form of dance that has literally spread
across the world and there are too many people that get way too involved in
what’s considered right or wrong when dancing it. 

Adela Mejia says:

como aprendis me gusto

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