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Pole dance is a form of performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. This…


canturgan says:

I don’t believe it, she said she was a nun.

Alex okeefe says:

omfg thats a little weird 

Davisrullzs says:

Sexualised calisthenics is that this is.

mach nol says:


Whalebert Toaststicks says:

This is so cool!

anand sankar says:


prazertv says:

Otlichno! Eto ochen horosho! God bless the Ukraine!!! Now that is what i
call talent!

liss graham says:

Why is this on a Cartoon channel? 

June ~ ジュネ says:

It takes so much strength to even do that

Tyler Durden says:

wowzers, i just made a mess in my trousers!

Skizah Kozeax says:

Ukraine has the Talent by far!

Shadowsap wow says:

roses are red violets are blue the title is english the fucing vidio should
be to

Raptor Jesus says:

2:22 that guy looks so awkward XD
also, Ukraine, you’re now my new favourite country ;)

MrBunnyIcecream says:

Is pole dancing mainstream??

JoeNobody010101 says:

WOW!!! HELLO! If that’s not a fucking talent, then I don’t know what is.
Holy fucking shit, WOW!!!

G - Vash says:

My goodness a pool dancing goddess..arrg!! so beautiful!..

Michadergeile says:

camera movement is shit, i dont want so see her shoes or the audience…
bullshit. her nice work only half shown

Brandon Burley says:

Damn, she can WORK

Gary de la Hoz Sanjuan says:

That was amazing. She can even do the flag.

Robert Watson says:

Art form—not hardly. Would anyone watch this if the woman was wearing
coveralls?? I think not.

Vence Lemens says:

i bet every straight guy in there had an boner

Pa K. says:

I bet she gets lots tips:)

Nate W. says:

thats fucking awsome, i wanna merry her hahaha

PeculiarDoll says:

That judge in blue gave her the rape face at the end

Tina Tran says:

She’s talented but this was not the correct platform and was HIGHLY
inappropriate! There were kids in the audience….we are way too
laxed….the next generation of boys and girls are gonna have some
seriously messed up sexual and mental problems because no one speaks up

Chloe Sayer says:


Sarah ryan says:

I love all the guys reactions.

Paravetje says:

I just learned a word in the Ukraine language: da probably means yes.

Khaizer Rism says:

beautiful…this girl is obviously a stripper =) ♥

RumpleFoldSkin says:

that’s a talent? I always thought that was just a way to make much needed
cash to feed babies

Brian Montgomery says:

WOW! She is so hot and very talented!

chulamanee muneekaew says:

So..Hot vevy

resistance1207 says:

Pole dancing really is no longer considered slutty, it’s pretty mainstream
now, it’s now viewed as another way of intense physical exercise.

Niry says:

Can’t understand a word they’re saying, but I love her attitude. She’s not
being flirtatious or smouldering or arrogant in her body language, just
quietly confident in herself and her skills. When she dances she’s not
making faces, just enjoying herself and doing it with all she has. Now
that’s sexy! She’s gorgeous with pouty, sexy lips, but when she smiles
she’s just like any other woman. Very beautiful.

koreamedia says:

Ukraine ya

aiyfookyuu says:

She was Awsome 

Metaljam Peanutcore says:

she’s an athlete

MrAnymeansnecessary says:

All dancing, no poling. 

Thatdualsportguy says:

Yumm……why can’t my girlfriend do this? If she even tried she’s going to
break her neck……she doesn have anything to show off anyway 🙁 she’s
like a pancake that was ran over by a steam roller then some old lady got a
rolling pin…….but I love her (I hope she doesn’t see this) 

ericnorthman36 says:

i say i say i say got damn i have a pole for her to dance on

joseph gilliard says:

shes hot

Creativology says:

Splendid Camerawork!!

Richárd Horváth says:

What kind of remix is this “Tainted Love”? Someone knows it?

Juan-Carlos Costa says:


Sasha Benderskaya says:

I speak Russian and I laughed the whole time from their comments

AlyssaGummybear says:

Lady boner.

Соколов Андрей says:


Lily nalezinski says:

aha marilyn manson

Kelsey North says:

Title is misleading. “Worlds best” not even close. She’s really good but I
was expecting better and more tricks.

Vinnie C says:

shes stunning!! and holy crud balls!!! that was epic!!! great song for it

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