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Watch free Nigerian Nollywood Movies, Ghallywood movies in English and Yoruba. This latest online movie 2013. (Sequel To The Strippers) Pole Dancers its a story of a minister’s daughter Samantha…


metro4star says:

Great online movie

Jonah Gimba says:


Shella says:

very good man he love her

Shella says:

Oh not cry samantha

queen young says:

nice movie

nana4rmghana says:

this movie should be called ” I’m in Love With a Stripper” and it should be
playing as the background musics lOl

DigitalDel1 says:

These women are beautiful

Khalima2012 says:

I love the movies however. the current style here in the United States is
natural hair for those of the African Diaspora. It would be nice to she our
sisters in Mama Africa showing more natural hairstyles. These are beautiful
sisters it would nice to see nice African hairstyles and natural eyes
instead of false contacts with un natural eyes and all the wigs. Let the
beauty of African women shine through the films. That European look is
dead. Time to come up love you all for the films

Inside IbakaTv says:

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Inside IbakaTv says:

Well, i guess they only wanted to achieve a perfect role interpretation.
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Inside IbakaTv says:

Why what, Watson? Please can you be more explicit in your comment, so we
can know how to help you. Thank you Watson.

whitney alvin says:

nice one i love the way samantha speaks :-p

Bintou Barrow says:

Listen “Badasskyrestel or watever ur name is africa is a beautiful country
and these gurls no hw 2 strip tis movie wz made a long time ago wich is y
they dnt strip like americans so shut ur fuckin mouth upp n stop talkin
shit bout my country lmfao my ass bitch

xane1990 says:

Hahaha I’m not surprised you brought up the race issue. It just shows that
you suffer from an Inferiority complex.You sound like a kid bully who picks
on others because that makes you feel good about your miserable life. You
know that the only way you can get attention is by attacking someone’s
weight. Anyway I’m done with you. Have a great day. Oh and Stop being a
keyboard warrior, get a life or better still straighten it out cos you sure
do sound like a pathetic loser that no sista would want!

Inside IbakaTv says:

We are glad you do. Enjoy more movies on this channel all the way Elicia.


i like this movie, il n’y a rien de choquant si cela reste une passion et
elles ne se mettent pas nue on plus so take it easy

Inside IbakaTv says:

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Eliza Ozola says:

Thanks,I really love the song and i would love to find it online

itallents45 says:

Right now I don’t need them to go all out for me to understand this movie,
it very touching & interested to me, Am gonna search for part2 now

Inside IbakaTv says:

Hi TurboMan51, the restriction might not be because it xrated but because
of a soundtrack in this movie that belongs to an artiste in your country.
It’s actually Youtube policy. We will do something about it soon. Stay
close to us! Thanks Turboman.

Sharifah Hunter says:

At 43:54 and 44:24 he keeps saying quit skripping instead of quit stripping
loooooool bless

smbonner22 says:

Frank Artus is creepy!

meldibson says:

Stripping on EMinem “AM not afraid” lol how exciting

SuperDeterminator1 says:

Great storyline! I love watching African movies. I am praying someone with
deep pockets will recognize the value in the creativity of the plot, and
give this production the facelift it needs as well as replace a few key
characters. @AnnettePalmer – Let’s be real Boo, Americans in the South are
just starting to embrace natural styles – say like the past two or 3
yrs…it will take some time for it to travel to other parts of the world.
As for the contacts, Iet’s pray.

Hayahaya85 says:

YesTaylor, there’s more than judgement there, Have u seen their mentality??
All about money? And you’Re saying?

kingemerald1 says:

fat ?? the thickest girl in here is that fine ass Eve Asare. these honeys
are fine. It would’ve been even sexier if all the girls from ” Girls
Connection” would’ve been in here, especially that sweet ass Nana.

Beth Lewis says:

Taylor I agree that people are very very judgemental. She is only a dancer
in my opinion and if she changes her lifestyle it will be fine, but didn’t
she kill the other girl in part 1? I wonder if that will come out. I am
watching it still but o far I like this movie.


23:50 I mean

varaidzo mudada says:

lol Samantha’s mum ‘honey take it easy, mrs…. said she does not want
anything to do with us’ (she is so calm wen saying that lol)

musicmusic promokings says:

nice one

John Kamara says:


Inside IbakaTv says:

Love conquers all in the end. Enjoy more of our movies on MyNaijaLove
Taylor. Thank you.

oj Victor says:

Really enjoy this movie

relaxin100 says:

Really appreciate that you take the time to reply your comments, shows that
you welcome criticism and hope to do better. I believe acting is make
believe. If you have a good script that involves strippers, then the actors
are suppose to be ready to go all the way. That is what they get paid for.
Your doing a great job but there is always room for improvement.

Brain Nwandieze says:


pateince godwin says:

is not a crime to have a strpper as a girlfriend and meanwhile where i live
i a good paid job, everything now is a job.

ladyb90luvme says:

I’ve never seen a more dragged out story line omg, if it wasn’t for
curiosity I wouldn’t be on my 3rd hour watching this, the ending better be
worth it gosh #JustVenting

adubia gloria says:

gosh i will fuken not do this stripping

June White says:

it’s actually Ghanaian movie.

maman Sakho says:

I love this man…omg his lips the way he dress up how he talk mann I like
u frank artus mynaijalove can u help w his number loll I would love that n
would leave newyork to ghana fo ever♥♥♥

dnrhott says:

he sure is I didn’t enjoy the plot at all

Mattmon2 says:

If her boyfriend and her family disapproves of her being a stripper, then
she can either: 1. Stop being a stripper to satisfy them, or 2. Keep being
a stripper and say, the hell with what they think about it. The fact that
she wants to remain a stripper while at the same time caring about their
approval is what is the problem.

saiboladapo says:

only in naija movie

Imaobong Ekanem says:

The last movie I remember laughing this hard at a Nollywood movie was when
watched “1 Dollar” lmaoooooo

larhonda brandon says:


Elicia Richardson says:

I like this movie

fiyok says:

lol, why?

Inside IbakaTv says:

Thank you for watching.

deebastard77 says:

It’s so funny how we all have different impressions of people….. I think
Frank is so unattractive….LOL!!! He’s not the worst actor but not the
best either, he’s ok, I think he’ll get better…. I prefer John Dumelo…
but others may find him unattractive… c’est la vie!!!

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