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sexy model shaking her ass for the little tikes.


2011Doomsday says:

Because American kids are faggots and prefer being taught by momma tommy
Sotomayor voice.

marzzmar says:

lucky students

slaw1990 says:

Too all the people going why is she doing that in front of kids… if you
aren’t here from… why are you looking up “booty” “shaking”
“phat” “ass” or “bouncing” without realising that bammo you would come to
this page and to be honest I think that its good that these children have
some sort of exposure to their culture its not like she is rubbing her
cooch in some guys face… seriously. She is just dancing to music in a way
that most westerners think is vulgar or “taboo”

moe hammoud says:

If this suitable for kids in that country, what are strippers like there?
So curious

blazendz says:

dose legsss like a tan chun li, god damn

Ry2009Ry says:

OMG. Those thighs! =D

twilightwolf07 says:

See? she cares about kids doing exercise. Booty shaking is just too
infamous. We can see her dedication, she wears specialized high heels for
those kind of jobs. Just like…oh wait.

sport1500bullit says:

Yea, this is what REAL women look like,not those walking sticks on the
cover of cosmopolitan.

Anonymous Brazilian Video Commenter says:

@Elimelix Its called “Dança do Créu”. And its not brilliant, its incredibly

iTheGeek says:

@GINGERALER You’re gay. Am I right or am I right ;D?

XxSuperstitionsxX says:

This is our culture, you Americans need to quit being ashamed of
yourselves. Dancing is all fun, it’s beautiful. In Carnaval, the samba
dancers wear little tassels and feathers that hardly cover anything because
we love our bodies and it’s part of us! Not trashy. We’re BRASILIANS. We
LOVE to dance. Everyone in Brasil dances! Sorry we don’t do the electric
slide or the robot, we jiggle our butts and have fun. Even the little kids
in the background were dancing. Jeez..

slaw1990 says:

@wouldyoukinkly hahahaha im sure everyone gets a bit of wood watching her
jiggle her rump around

Anthony George says:

…………… that’s it im moving 2 Brazil

willPR says:

Andressa soares 🙂

Androidindisguise says:

This is pretty fucked up.

Fornaruto11 says:

“The skin-tight clothes, the perspiration-soaked hair, and the attention to
detail she gives to each air-hump are triggers for anyone’s biological
imperaOH! Oooh wow, a school of children. That’s unfortunate.” – Cracked.

Derrick Roberson says:

I wish I lived in Brazil as child, they are so lucky to see asses like that


Disgusting. That ass has no class.

ziggamon says:

Say what you want but I’d die a happy man if I go to bed with her for the
rest of my life!! 😀

DOOMSayaar says:

@kayinesstube Bullshit. The sexually repressed sections of America want to
keep children as repulsed about sex until they grow up, produce a couple
kids and die, but violence in virtually all forms of entertainment is ok?
And we wonder why we have the highest civilian to serial killer ratio in
the world. smh, double standard morality .. everywhere. (Not that digitized
violence is the cause of that shit, but I’m just making a point here, if
that wasn’t obvious).

MrRastaPig says:

thats wrong

XratedTruth says:

There other people who multiply like roaches but they read “holy” books and
kill you, if you dont like whats in it!!!!!

AhcriSlate says:

The kid in red at the far left has his hands down his pants. Just saying

universalpopper says:

btw that aint fat thats a ton of muscle fat should jiggle alot more she has
a pretty solid ass and legs. guarantee she does heavy squats and legs

suyang song says:

why are they imitating her lols.

daddylongleg069 says:

@geezerjazz Stfu! That doesn’t mean every Damn thing she does is sexual. Im
sure your lame ass isn’t a virgin…so everytime you pull your little ass
dick out to Piss in a public its sexual since its in public…u need to be
more worried about y 26 people died in Ct

TheDannyboy55 says:

That ass could murder someone!!!!

oldschooljamz d says:

thumbs up if after she was done twerking she let dem kids touch her booty

33333333333333331993 says:

WHILE KIDS IN AMERICA watch pokemon……the brzailian kids are watchin
these hahahah lucky lil bastereds 😉 -i wish i was born in BRAZIL


@terminaldeity a pro lol

miklitov23 says:

Those kids are all like “I wish i hit puberty already so i could get a

kalyna lyna says:

what’s title of music????

HeroHouka says:

Thumbs up if you’re here from

saint strawman says:

No wonder they multiply like roaches.

vitexdoidex says:

@suyangsong Its a dance called Creu in brazil O-o she created it with her
band (LOL) and she got famous with her big ass dancing this music.. now she
is rich and we are watching her ass D>:

futurefeet says:

Much better with the sound off. That’s gotta be the most annoying song ever

slaw1990 says:

@JohnMeetsFKennedy How is it wrong? They don’t have any idea at their age
that this has anything to do with sex. You sir, are just jealous that these
kids are getting more action than yourself. x

userstupidname says:

@slaw1990 We got time for everything son

alex30riv says:

Yeah, shake your ass like there’s no tomorrow, like the children.

floftyAl says:

@daddylongleg069 dude, thats pretty fucking sexual right there. like I jerk
off to that stuff man, thats soft-core porn, its pretty weird in front of
kids. I mean I dont care though but its pretty sexual

sw3ettouch says:

the man that can fuck her.. i have mad respect seriously

fluffyoreos says:

I love how the boys are imitating what she’s doing in the background.Who
cares if it wasn’t taken in America that to me is disgusting in front of
like elementary boys and why just boys lol?

james robinson says:

How big butt women like this never shook their ass in front of me like this

DjFingers Flores says:

im in love!

Decbabe85 says:

i think the kid in the red shorts just hit puberty during this vid lol

Michael Mclune says:

hey don’t talk about kids with america whats wrong with us and

joe nolan says:

@benyboi2k8 yeah i didnt notice any kids ;]

youngstats215 says:

That’s a great assessment.

ForgedFallicies says:

HAHAHAHA, the kids are getting into the dance too! this is a valuable
lesson for them, in case their educations fail them and they are forced to
a life of male striping.

Sociopathics says:

Is it me or does she not booty shake like a Brazilian at all?

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