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This time: zambies!

Song: Baauer – Harlem Shake

ArmA 2 Version:


Capt Conrad(Lee Enfield Pilot)
1stLt Drumheller(me)
SSgt Benevento(Original Dancer)
Cpl Byrd
Sgt Leber
Cpl Heckman
Pvt Poirier
HM3 B. Counts
Cpl McDermott
PFC Zohar
LCpl Westfield

Don’t worry guys, I won’t be making another.

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-The two most common questions I’m asked is what my system specs are and what I use to record:

Computer: i5 Ivy Bridge 3570k; 120 gig SSD; 1tb Standard HD(for recording); 8 gigs ram; nVidia Geforce GTX 560ti

Recording: Fraps for video and system audio; Audacity for personal audio.

This video is created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
See for more information.


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