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This video was created for educational and inspirational purposes only. No monetary gain has been acquired by using this music track. Song: Chiquicha Artist:…


leonina72 says:

Very good!’

Gladys Sanchez says:

[email protected]. I’ll send you the song!

Fidel Gonzalez says:


Gladys Sanchez says:

where can i find this song? HELP DANCEFIT20

Angelica Palmer says:

One word… “wow!” 😀

tommygal1974 says:

Anyplace I can get this song?

thevzlana says:

Hi 1LadyGMP!!. I’m from Venezuela, love the song, but can’t find it on
itunes. Would you be so kind to send it to me at: [email protected] Thanks
in advance XXX

tommygal1974 says:

Would you send it to me? I have looked and cannot find it anywhere and I

zumbachestnut610 says:

Very nice! Thank you!

Eleni Stuber says:

Sehr schönes Lied und prima Tanz!!

Susanne Johansson says:

I love this song and your routin, would like to use it in my class. Would
you please send me this song to [email protected] Manny thanks.

ZumbaSparky says:

Would love to use this song in my class. Could you possibly send it to me?
[email protected] 🙂

catznpuppy says:

It’s an original version by El Puma DJ Y Rulo

Sandra Stanton says:

Love it. Nice job!!!!

zumbasta says:

love that choreography, well done girls!

dancefit2010 says:

Конечно можно! :))))

Kathleen Cooney says:

Very clever choreography. You rock!

sixtiesgal17 says:

Which version of this song do you use? Who is the artist? I can’t find it
and I love the music and your choreo. Thanks!

tommygal1974 says:

I tried to email you – it says your email address doesn’t work??

elnoma1 says:

Love this song, please be so kind to email me too [email protected]
many thanks 🙂

Ligaya Hyde says:

Hi I love this song would you email it to [email protected]

Lori Neuberger says:

I can’t find this song anywhere 🙁 I want to buy, could you please help me?

Nancy Wilhelm says:

Where can I get this song please?

cotahottie says:

Can you email me song? Luv it!! [email protected]

Lesley Cochrane says:

can I have this song please absolutely love this my email is
[email protected] 🙂 thanks in advance xx

Melissa Shank says:

I love this! can I get the name of the song and the artist? I would like to
buy it if possible. thanks.

Gladys Sanchez says:

I got the song if you want it! just hit me up [email protected]

Morina Zen says:

ur email please , i got the song 🙂

Gladys Sanchez says:

Tommy gal what is your email

Su- A says:

This is a very good choreography (for beginners). The only thing I miss is
the fire/passion. This is Salsa, so dance it with “salsa”!!! Keep up the
good work.

tess9231 says:

Love this one! Do you mind if use it in my class?

larson4416 says:

Is this version on one of our zin dvd’s or megamixes??


Наталья! хореография суппееер!!!!!!!!я влюбилась в эту
песню))))Еееехуууууууу!!Можно использовать у себя в классе?! 😉

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