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Kadin Silu says:

@jajfajfa @jajfajfa shut up jajfajfa! this is girl beautifully + 1000000000

Noonooooo says:

مراااا بايخ i am Arabic hony and i can till u when its comes to belly dance
u suks so i think u need to see more belly dancing and litsne to Arabic
music too u have great body so u have to shack it >> bybay..

Vaughanster says:

jajfajfa, if you’re such a great belly dancer, why don’t you post some
videos of yourself? Put up or shut up! As for Anira’s costumes, she makes
them herself, and I’ll bet she looks better in them than you do in any of

MuSliMgUrL4EvEr says:

r you turkish???

Vaughanster says:

Another great improvisation, Anira! I hate your cameraman, though, panning
around the room and leaving you out of focus while you were doing floorwork!

Xanubi says:

I have no idea why you have such low ratings! I think it was pretty good
considering that you had never listened to that song before… it’s hard to
know what your next move is going to be if you can’t predict the song.
There is always room for improvement, but you certainly deserve more than
one star! I am a belly dancer myself, and I don’t have very many vids up
myself, but I agree… if you claim to be a dancer and tell her to do this
or that, you better be an AMAZING dance… and prove it

Kadin Silu says:

@jajfajfa shut up jajfajfa! this is girl beautifully + 1000000000 I LAVE YOU

Marco Antonio Jimenez Paniagua says:


jajfajfa says:

you need a lot more movement- and a lot more shaking.. im a pro belly
dancer- arab too- try getting one of those egyptian things with the coins
that go around your waist- dont know what its called in english. and dance
more- when you see the coins rEALLY shaking- your dancing. keep working on
it- your better than a lot of people ive seen attempt or i tried teaching

jajfajfa says:

that snot belly dancing…

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