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Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique, performs an amazing work of Fusion Belly Dance at The Massive Spectacular! 2013 filmed in Las Vegas NV www.themassivespectacular….


Maja Vidovic says:

the song is called GunPowder, artist is Goran Bregović

peinxfruit says:

Absolutely amazing! This is just what stage dancing should be like. The
music and the dance as well as the scenery and objects blend seamlessly

Anne Buckley says:

silvester333 says:

4:00 Kalasnjkov, Goran Bregovic, Serbian song

Karito Glam says:

Dear Zoe <3

Victoria Intergalactica says:


lilly alex says:


Tammy Islander says:

arr matey dear zoe very aewsme dear freind

Vittorio di Raniari says:

She rules!

Sara Utl says:

Zoe amazing as always <3

Marilia Lins says:

Zoe is a true master. That was deep…

ThePeaceKeeper420 says:

her dance is beautiful

Thorn707 says:

She reminds me of a silent movie heroine 🙂 So heartbreakingly beautiful…

Giselle Quintana says:

Somebody know the name of the song where the women sing?

riamaria says:

Zoe that first piece….. Ugh! You just kill me! Gorgeous!!!

Talimav00 says:

gosh so exquisite and amazing!

Gray W. Wolff says:

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