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This is the first choreography of La Alemana and Ataca Jorgie, and has become a viral hit on Youtube. Bachata has become a worldwide sensation to dance. Subs…


tasb1998 says:

Less than 1 million to hit the 60 Million Mark. Thank you all for
continuing to watch this. You guys are GREAT!

4dleons says:

Well put together. Can feel the fuego! Love it. Great job!

Meilin Mejia-Benitez says:

I have 2 learn ono

Judith Ponce says:

simply admirable. All steps are well choreography done along with the beat!
really hot moves love love!!

Isell Garcia says:

Beautiful. You guys have to be proud!

Tatana Rezkova says:

Wowwwwww,stunning,spectacular and unique dance!!!!Fantastic!!!!

fred molina says:

amazing!! that girl is hot!!

anayeli gomez vargas says:


Asmae Oudrhiri says:

perfect <3 

Isaac Chonillo says:

They should keep this style of dance performance.

zeynep ozturk says:

Just unbelievable. Reply reply reply…

Patricia Alvarado says:


tiffany king says:

I’ve seen this for more than a hundred times n its as if my first.
… it…can’t get enough. ..always smiling 

Grazia Coccia says:


Katarína Miháliková says:
Ashley Rosales says:

i looooovvvee a woman who can dance like her 

juwokatema22 says:

So in love with this!

Dulce Ruano says:

Wow! Me encantan

rosa pino says:

Me encanta

crissi issy says:

Went to some latino assembly today and omg some of the dances are so
freakin hot!!

NaturelDeese says:

Signing up after I have the baby this was sooooo … speechless. The
chemistry was out of this world

dopee viralz says:

damm she’s beautiful 

thomasangelo1986 says:

Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TV SAT PC Service says:

Wow, wow, wow … !!!

Raciel Angelo says:

Have music

Mari Dar says:

Check out this video on YouTube: Bachata the way it’s suppose to be danced!

Elisha Pena says:

What’s not to love about a little bachata. Enjoy!

Valentina Belchikova says:




Oronzo De Bellis says:


Števka Keliarová says:


Maribel Contreras says:

Bachata :D

T Pang says:

i want to learn yhis kind of dance

Betty Chong says:

Bachata dance

esmeralda alicea says:

they know how to dance……..

Monica Schultz says:

beautiful!!!! I wish Arthur Murray taught the real bachata, i want to dance
like this!

Kelsey Floyd says:


Mihai Chelariu says:


Renata Podporska says:

I want to learn this dance 😀 mmm…

patricia ponce says:

Wow beautiful 

Christine Munoz says:

your grate I can not do that . I

tynutza Tyna says:

great realy great :)

Andre Uca says:


Laila Ramirez says:

i love dancing but i want to learn like them

Dato Kvaracxelia says:


Peter Hernandez says:

Check out this video on YouTube: Now this is how bachata is truly dance,
very sexual and romantic.

sayuri serafin says:

Love bachata

maria caicedo says:

k bella musica

MrMessiCar says:

Honest signalz brought me here. :)

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