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Part 2 of Seba’s 3/4 Shimmy lesson from the WildCard BellyDance Improv Tribal Style belly dance format. Be sure to watch part one, where Seba breaks-down the…


Claire Grasso says:

You seem to take single shimmies on a flatter foot, and the double-time
shimmies higher on the balls of your feet. Is that a technique thing or
just for demonstration?

Missyplaymate3 says:

Great video thank you

ysathora says:

Bounce by Solace

ssrini says:

let the music play by shamur but i believe it has been slowed down for here
for the drills.

Promthanius says:

How do you still step in the same rhythm but move your hips faster than
what you are stepping in “full time”??? 🙁

nina poethen says:

also cool music- what is it, please?

purpleseba says:

@Promthanius you are stepping on the down beat of music…then you layer
your hips on top. Your feet and your hips can do different things at the
same time. Find the down beat and step to it…then add hips and drill,
drill, drill….hope this helps! It took me months to “find” my shimmy. I
would practice all the time…I was for ever trying to shimmy across the
room rather than just walking…Good Luck!

Helen Conroy says:

Great job what is the music you used ? H

Promthanius says:

Thank you, Seba!! <3 Love and blessings from a dance sister.

Ellen G says:

How do you do double shimmy when steping?

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