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This video is of Ana and me, Erick Berninzon, dancing at the San Francisco Carnaval in 2009. The band that is playing live in the background is our best loca…


Sinan Latib says:

nice, man thats some serious dancing dude

Ginette Torres says:

That is Soooooooo on point . Have not seen dancing like that in some time.
Got me excited

Mohan Yadav says:

Sexy salsa

vic says:

I can’t believe no once commented on the man shaking it like shakia at 4:00

harold garcez says:

I can’t believe it! This was in San Francisco? Where in the Mission dist.I
haven’t seen dancing like that in a long time.Great! I thought it was in
New York

Guitar Dave says:

That’s how you do it ! Salsa is such a beautiful dance .

carabela223 says:

They are both great but this guy is wonderful. Usually is the woman who
does almost all the moves but he was all in it.

manuel ortiz says:

Fuck cuba fuck Mexico it’s all about puertoricooooo

Ramon G-R says:


Rafael Bautista says:


Diego Bautista says:

ganastes ahi loco ! xD

fani v says:

Sexy salsa 3 :3

Juan Orellana says:

Thumbs up for this guy!

Howard Flores cortez says:

que estilo de salsa es ah?

Timothee25 says:

I’d be getting mad chicks yo

Timothee25 says:

Damn I wish I could dance haha

israel membrilla says:

México presenté

Haris Bisias says:

What the hell. How do they do it? They are better than any of those folks
dancing on TV. Bravo!!

Hannibal Lecter says:

as se vaila aquí la salsa con mucha sandunnnnnnnngaaaaaaaaaaa, jajajaj

Jason Garcia says:


Aubrey Ash says:

Mamacita got it going on salsa dancing is cool amigo

carlitos99 says:

actually es de la tipica 73..el canario solo la canta

sgrhopoodle2001 says:

my favorite youtube video of ALL time


me encanta este videoooooooooooo 🙂

PiernaNegra Sanji says:

UFFFF mi paisana mexicana baila bastante bien

Yfka says:

Excellent!!! I want to know it …

CHINA80ST says:

Tipica salsa de un peruano..del barrio la.mezcla fusión k hicimos entre la
salsa cubana sensual y la peruana con su toque y estilo me encanto..y la
chica es peruana se ve k el chico le enseño xk compenetran y esos
pasos sólo se ve en lima capital entera… saludos bravoo

Alvaro Vado says:

lo bailan sabroso, pana!!!

Esmiamor88 says:

Two words. He’s HOT

miltonaf says:

asi bailan los peruchos ,buena bro que rico. saludos desde osaka-japon dj

alex angulo oliva says:


alex HdFl says:

como se llama la canción??

Mariposa1880 says:

I love a guy who can break it down like that….bien sexxiiii!!

erin averyt says:

Hi just wanted to say amazing video these people have talent:)

dimplesz78 says:

DANG! He makes me miss my boy! She makes me want to dance even if it’s with
my broomstick. lol

ILya Rosario says:

they are freaking Awesome .

Robert Robles says:

Love it!!!! Súper buenos

Nancy Araya says:

oh me encantoo !! quiero aprendeer

Christophe Colaco says:

Grupo Tipica 73 ” baila que baila”

Lissette Martinez says:

Pense que eran cubanos, bailan muy bien la salsa.

MrChoco88 says:

What’s the song playing?

yanclogamertroll says:

Y muy sexy la joven

yanclogamertroll says:

Bailan increiblee

Deverti says:

unaltered movie at is.gdqw3I2w

Brett Kramer says:

I really wish I wasn’t hopelessly white!

Luis Hernandez says:

WOW! That is how you dance salsa!

MusicloverX88 says:

Homeboy is smooth with it.

kidfoxking says:

Damn, they know how to break it down.

Lory Raperita says:

que ricooooo asi se baila la salsa

Onemandocumentary says:

That’s what I call SEXY salsa dancing! You guys rock!

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