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This salsa dance lesson video will show you a few salsa dance moves that take a few of our salsa “wind themed” moves, like the windmill and cyclone bounce, t…


Laser Cut says:

А почему вы постоянно ходите на 5????

Ismael Fernandez says:

buenas tardes bailan exelentemente, disculpen como se llama la cancion con
la que estan bailando saludos y gracias

homehieu says:

thanks so much, it is so great

Astrid Pawiroredjo says:

Love this movements.

Addicted2Salsa says:

The “angel gets it’s wings line” is from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


Reflexiones Tito Rodriguez Jr.

cheenayen says:

I started salsa class just recently, now i want to try this combination
steps. Btw i really like the shoes .

FullCasanova says:

pa los colombianos que se creen ESTO SI ES SALSA!

salsakenn says:

Yo,Anthony,Jocelyn or anyone..Name that song and artist..PLEASE


jajaja.. no todos los colombianos bailan arrebatados… asi que calma

manuelgeo2 says:

Me gusta la figura y la he ejecutado sin problemas en la discoteca.

Azuos says:

Do I see the triforce 😀

Martín Roque says:

As I began to play the video I was playing Zelda… LOL

miguel rodriguez says:

love your moves…. very nice very smoth.. hope can get to dance like that
some day..

Nydia Guadalupe says:

Love these videos.

qazwsxedcrfvg123 says:


Alcwathwen says:

I love the Zelda reference!

福田 淳 says:

muuu,nice and smooth dance!,

Jesús Bermúdez says:

Awesome moves man, that really complements the salsa lesson that I’m
taking! BTW, I love Zelda Games, so great reference! FTW! Keep it up! xD

kenn armstrong says:

Name of the song is WHAT??????

Addicted2Salsa says:

@JEBB2201 I love being a gamer too 😉

agpartytime says:

Ugh your shirts clash

coldfire320 says:

i would give sum1’s soul to dance like u guys

187onaPigeon says:

Today I had my first lesson and it was great. Your videos are awesome bro,
I love the Zelda reference… great. I subscribed. Thanks.

Gizmovolders says:

Really nice combo, thanks for all your great moves and vids!

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