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Close Ashley Taylor Dawson and Ola Jordan dance the Salsa to ‘Congo’.


PutuPup says:

Some extra ballet lessons would have made him carry himself better. I have
seen much better.

Rakhesh Martyn says:

‘Congo’? I haven’t heard that one…

parker says:

OMG, some of the moves were soo dangerous! how can he be out?!?! such a
shame. Soo gonna miss him, such a great dancer.grrr

Ribena says:

Definitely should’ve stayed in! Was not happy about that result at all! 🙁 

YingLekkerding says:

Whether he is undermarked can be discussed, yet how this got 35 when Abbey
last week’s got 40 is baffling.

Tony Morris says:

Congo?! No way these two should have gone. Shouldn’t have been in bottom 2
and better than Patrick’s Rumba.By the way just let everybody do the Rumba
first week and get it out of the way.It’s a downer of a dance.

Anna Waw says:

The Most Entertaining Performance of the Seizon!

Fuat Rhiyouhri says:

Super performance yeaaaaaaah 

feetiefeetie says:

this was fantastic, who did he go up against in the dance off to get him
booted off?

A Flo says:

Ashley was my fave. He should have made the semi finals. For some reason
the judges always seemed to undermark him… 

Alex Cox says:

Fantastic. Ridiculously undermarked

CheckyArch4 says:

bye ashley u had a great run

Chip Louise says:

suzanna really needs to go

littleun says:

I thought this was the best dance of the night. Ashley and Ola certainly
shouldn’t have gone tonight.

cydneylola123 says:

ashley shouldnt have gone. its not about dancing anymore. the public choose
who they like as a person .stupid. suzanna should have gone. still we
should be used to it by wonder brendan gets annoyed sometimes at
there silly remarks. natalie is the best dancer but its “oh dear” up to the

lisaanne821 says:

How was he voted out!!? Very sad they’re gone He also comes across as a
lovely guy. You’ll be missed.

Emma Wilson says:

Underscored, Ashley is amazing

Ribena says:

Was terrified for Ola throughout this lol, but really enjoyed it. 

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