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Giants vs Eagles 9/25/2011.


Nazbomb123 says:

Cruz is my dad’s friend

Snott Graff says:

He came to my school today

Thurnis Haley says:

bet your girl loves the smell of Mexican 🙂

Ryan G says:

Latino? More like Mexican. Smelly ass Mexican.

jomar santos says:


dwight adams says:


TheeMidnightMarauder says:

Come to California and play for the 49ers, Victor!

thomas ortega says:

Nnamdi put victor Cruz on the map

Billybadass311 says:

lol, you know who Desean is.

gabriel guzman says:

Too bad rodger godell fucked it up and wont allow and td celebrations

479cdrp479 says:

AFC aint weak man, right now the nfc is a powerhouse, but the
texans,steelers,ravens, patriots, broncos can compete with anybody

Cyn C says:

Can’t wait!!!!!!

Victoria Whitley says:

I think i’m in love

Andy Vazquez says:

The homie #VictorCruz doing his salsa dance. #PR

HopevsSteffy says:

Eagles fans are going to love watching Victor Cruz at the Linc at every year

indio2dr says:

I bet you are.

Thomas Devito says:

0:09 *bonk* haha i am a giants fan. And victor cruz goes from a nothing to
being an all out amazing football player!

876cruz says:

yessss 🙂

876cruz says:

latino heat 🙂

Cody Bowser says:

Better than the Giants since they beat them. LOLOLOL

Ell-J T. says:

And how funny the giants have four SB’s,and three NFL championships and the
Eagles who have been around for a very long time have zero NFL and SB’s!
How often Philly laughs at this fact? It’s going to be SB win number five
this upcoming season! I’m not saying it’s going 2 be easy cuz the NFC is
tough and the AFC is weak,but the giants have an offense to win it all,the
Giants secondary is a bit of a concern,but if the giants gets tons of
sacks,QB hits,and hurry ups NYG will win it all again!

DDeestroyed says:

It’s a celebration dance you dumb fuck. Quit complaining.

Simon Nguyen says:

so what if aome NFL players are gay i respect anybody no matter what size
color weight or height

danmarino420 says:

You’re a such a funny child i was playing with you i was just mimicing your
comments for fun u are not really a idiot whoever you was arguing with is a

Jay Money says:

Your parents should send you back to school.

Lucas Willfred says:


thishoetrisha says:

He’s so sexy

Adam Kester says:

lol desean who? 2 rings with more to come victor cruz all day baby time for
a third superbowl parade in 6 years

Jay Money says:

*You’re. Idiot.

beast8003 says:

It also takes skill to be last in the division, behind even the Redskins.
The Redskins!

Destiny98Love says:

it’s for his granmother dumb ass dnt be a prick

Mara Vega says:

Gotta love Puerto Ricans

tim says:

Am I the only one that thinks that is the worst fucking touchdown
celebration in history?

Kaelyn Cruz says:

no ive been a proud fan all my life, no matter what even if theyre in their
worst times

angeldustfairy says:

it needs to boring as hell

Cody Bowser says:

And scores 0 the next week, Have fun watching the Redskins in the playoffs.

indio2dr says:

Shut the fuck up.

reymond ramirez says:


Kaelyn Cruz says:

no always have and always will be a proud giants fan!

beast8003 says:

And? We also lost to the Redskins. The Panthers just beat the Falcons, who
are doing amazing this year. Does that mean they suck because of that? No.
Nice try, but you can’t make yourself feel better by trying to divulge
yourself in a win. Redskins swept us last year, and we won the SB. You
think we care? Giants blow? If theyblow, what does that make the Eagles?
Lol idiot. They shouldn’t even think playoffs? They just blew out one of
the best offenses in the league and lead the division. Idiot

wolfennyc says:

24 people are loser Eagles fans…LOL Besides it being Victor’s first NFL
touchdown the greatest part of this video is at the 10 second mark when
those prized Eagle defenders knock into each other trying to get Cruz

Dislexicgamer says:

Hahahahaha loved how he made the two people hit each other

Victor Cruz says:

I love salsa

MusicloverX88 says:

I’m not a Giants fan, but Cruz has one of the best touchdown celebrations
cuz he actually has some moves!

hypotanuz says:

ya llegó el que tanto esperaban, ya llegó el que tenia que llegar

drizzywitdabigdizzy says:

Latino power

RoszelP says:

Win a Victor Cruz signed Jersey…

oneznzeroz says:

The difference is, Victor Cruz makes it a normal thing to score a TD.
Victor Cruz has almost as many receiving TD’s in 2 years that Jackson has
in his career. Suck on that!

Sarah Crowley says:

Cruuuuuuuuz <3

Cyn C says:

Love it!!! Hot Hot Hot

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