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The Ladies from WildCard BellyDance strut their stuff at Carnival of Stars in one of their tightest examples group improvisational belly dance. WildCard Bell…


Dan Blanchard says:

@appaloosa40 Not… Bellydance? Hmmmm I could go on and on about your
comment… So What… to you IS bellydance? Only Egyptian, Only Turkish,
American Caberet, Folkloric,? I could name several other types of
bellydance.. which one is the TRUE bellydance?

Mithrylle says:

@appaloosa40 Bellydance is just a commercialized term for a dance form that
in its begining had nothing to do with “belly” dancing. Franch ppl brought
this term to Europe after seeing oriental dance in Egypt and not knowing
its real name. If you knew even a bit about this dance, you’d know that
movment with a belly is only one out of so many used in this dance. Btw,
this lovely ladies in a video are performing ATS wich has evolved from
classic oriental dance. So, it IS belly dance.

Dan Blanchard says:

@sofiaiswisdom The first song is Adair Remix by Balkan Beat Box. Thanks for
the Comment!

Mayuri says:

I WANT THEIR CLOTHERS :O my english is bad.. ehm.. did they creat this
clother for herself or did they buy this ?

Shohag Ali says:

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molarmama32 says:

Some dance forms lend themselves to a type of flexibility in interpretation.

molarmama32 says:

Well, this IS a fact. When did dance become communism?

Monique Vernooij says:

Whatever is beautifull done. It is tribal as it is supposed to be. My
compliments lady’s. Monique

dagez says:

lovely! 🙂

Queen Valerie B says:

Danse du ventres was simply the word that the main dude used at the Chicago
World’s Fair to put a sexy French spin on the term “belly dance”, which
then caught a frenzy in America – for better or worse. But otherwise YES~!

scorpiowiccan19 says:

Beautiful job ladies, you all look fantastic and the dancing is amazing!

Michele ODonnell says:

So very, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing – you ladies are amazing!

Jerry Jackson says:

beatiful energy !!!! congrats from Chile! lelellelelelelelleleleh

Leonie Vernassal says:

Beautiful! Puts a big smile on my face 🙂

Pagyptsian says:

This is just so fantastic!

KaRi KaRy says:

what´s the name of he song ??

YukoIsBadMedicine says:

Oops, I guess I was wrong where Jamila was born (must of been thinking of
someone else) but it was still born from her. FatChanceBellyDance came a
little later, we just have cues where the leader tells us what move to go
into and dance improve while other styles don’t. We still do maya’s,
undulations, shimmies, hip circles, chest circles, etc…just a bit
differently and call them different names. Same moves, still belly dance.

missmetal636 says:

That was AMAZING!!! I couldnt look away! You are an amazing troupe!

nally rivera says:

i tried some moves and its not easy to perform huh,,how i love to learn
this dance but the dance doesn’t like me

BlackFeather713 says:

What makes it less “bellydance” anyways?

Naadeva says:


Mandy Brown says:

could you please post the name of the last song and what album its on
thankyou and as always beautiful dancing from one of the best troupes on
youtube love all your vids

Rebekah Dowling says:

Shut up spammer

EternalBellyDance says:

Absolutely LOVE this!!x

Promthanius says:

I love wildcard cause they are brightly colored!! Keep up the noise, energy
and color, ladies!!!! <3 Love from Houston and Amira's Oasis dance troupe!

Aysel Mamirova says:

я думаю что в каждой стране танец живота танцуют по разному,может и
подразделяется на несколько видов,честно незнала даже, но очень красиво
танцевать с сагатами))

mikafruit42 says:

The dance is for everyone who wants to learn it. Have patience with
yourself and practice, practice, practice! It gets better! =)

Rebekah Dowling says:

I’ve been doing belly dance for 4 years now, I’m still learning. It takes
lots of practice, took me 2 years just to get the grapevine down! seems
like such a simple move but for some reason I just couldn’t figure it out
for a while.

glitterandglitz1 says:


2zoomZoomVA says:

Well done, great performance!! Loved it!! Thank you 😉

BlackFeather713 says:

Ehm, most of traditionnal egyptian involves hips more than the belly. So no

DroseraBohemica says:

I was looking for some tribal videos to make a decision if I should try
this.. now I know 🙂

Promthanius says:

Considering Tribal girls wear a lot of kuchi, which is made in Afghanistan,
wear very Eastern style garb (like Indian gypsies for example), and dance
to Arabic beats with zills (Turkish word!) on their fingers, I’d say yeah,
it’s belly dance.

Marlen Cordero says:


Halpin2006 says:


Rosemeire - Espuma do Mar says:

Nossa! Elas são maravilhosas! Amei!!!

Monique Vernooij says:

Well done!! Monique

247Imani says:

Nice…love the skirts.

laila linuza says:

Where can i find a skirt like one of those!? please, im performing in less
than a minth and that green one would change everything… 🙂 if anybody
knows where i can get a full skirt luke that id appreciate it.

Rebekah Dowling says:

I have taken American Tribal style for 3 years on top of my Gothic Tribal
Fusion…All American Tribal style is following the leader with
signals…you CLEARLY don’t know what you’re talking about

allison sanders says:

Absolutely love this, fluid,synced & joyful

titigoldy says:

OMG. Love your costumes!!! You’re so great.

pbashe says:

you all inspire me. thanks so much

YukoIsBadMedicine says:

It is belly dance. The costuming may be different and we execute the moves
a bit differently but all styles have different ways to execute moves, we
all have different music and all come from different countries but still
have the same movement vocabulary and all are just as much belly dance then
the other and Tribal style was actually born from Jamila Salimpour who just
wanted different costume but was a professional dancer born in a different
country. You are thinking of FatChanceBellyDance.

Tara Tazara says:

that was amazing! x

24sweetsin says:

Pretty skirts!!! And beautiful dance!

ShangriLaLounge says:

Track 1 is Adir Alam – Balkan Beatbox 2 is Immortal Egpyt – Phil Thornton &
Hossam Ramzy 3 is Afrah in the Club – Roger Abboud Please stop posting
comments about how this isn’t Belly Dance. It is not actually up for
debate! ATS® or American Tribal Style® is a modern form of Belly Dance,
it’s a method of improvisational choreography, using a vocabulary of
movements & cues. The movements are inspired by folkloric dances of the
Middle East, North Africa, Spain and India . . . and it is awesome!


Can’t stop watching this video *.*

sofiaiswisdom says:

Could you please post the name of the first song? Beautiful dancing. I love
the energy!

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