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The clip mitch-arrives-at-daves from The Change-Up (2011) with Luke Bain, Lauren Bain. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Can we please just slide the Dialogue Night again?
I’m so sorry.
I can do Monday night.
Thank you.
He’s early.
Yeah, you’d be early, too,
if all you did all day was eat hummus and masturbate.
What’s hummus?
That is a Mediterranean spread, honey.
What’s master-ate?
It’s a cracker.
Oh, hey, Mitch. Your hair looks good.
Yeah, I had to cut it for a fucking tampon commercial.
– Uncle Mitch!
How’s my favorite ballerina doing?
Hi, Uncle Mitch. Hi! Wow!
Gosh, you’re so light. Are you dieting?
Do you want to come to my dance recital?
No, honey.
The only style of dancing that Uncle Mitch likes
involves a big, shiny pole, and a broken woman with daddy issues.
Yeah, story time is over.
Go fix your hair.
Mmm, smells good in here, Jame.
Ooh! Num-nums!
Vegetable medley!
How are you? Good.
You’re good? Yeah.
Are you dating anyone?
Ooh! You know who I ran into? Who?
Mrs. Hickham at a Starbucks in Druid Hills.
Our social studies teacher? Yeah.
I asked her out and she wouldn’t go out with me,
which is crazy, because I nailed her in high school.
You did? I dated her mouth for a full semester.
– Okay. – Bathed, diapered, and in the PJs.
Is Dave meeting your needs, sexually?
– Yeah, I guess. – Good.
Not really, mmm-mmm. Ahh.
I would like to strap you to my face and say the alphabet.
That’s going too far.
Look at these little fuckers!
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