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She done all Mapouka,Coupe Decale.


emilycrazy4 says:

i kno she is definitely from cameroon. i luv this song i havent heard it in
a long time can u pls tell me the title

Africadancequeens says:

tu shake ca mami respect tu peu me passer le titre stp.kiss represente c
toi ki know

fred john says:

what is the name of dis song? is any 1 here from liberia.?

jeebah2231 says:

i will make her ass throb of me

jamesjones900 says:

i’ll take this 12 inch dick and rock that azz till she pass out

msprawl says:

the ass movement the beat and the riddim all goes perfect with african
mapuoka dance. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

KOF107 says:

do another wit those pants n cut sum light on in high quality boo cant see u

SowahJohnDoe Aziz says:

you are so sexy

Hassan Nujumi says:

Please PLEASE anthoer video ,

constantinlegrand says:

HELL Yeah. Africa is NICE

benthere002 says:

thanks very much Spakdiddy for your responds. I thought i will never hear
from anyone about the artist.

mg4187 says:

Ahou … the song title is “Les Tueses du Mapouka”

Richard Tait says:

God bless the black woman…

didi richen says:

how can you study in university with sexy shaking ass? people will like to
fuck your ass to the highest level. take it easy.

Kerline11kl says:

whats the name of this song please…

rick bernard says:

you make cum baby i can eat ur pussy ,move that big ass on my dick wow

Alfred Hitch says:

good vid, but bad quality. low frames per sec 🙁

james robinson says:

man i will fuck the shit out her ass and she not fat she thick

michael says:

watz da name of tat song n what tat girlz name or myspace ?

medo7723884 says:

Does anyone know the name of this song that is playing on the background
please, i really like it!!!!!!!!!

arie sackie says:

wat is the song called

dmoneynigerianguy82 says:

New video by dmoneysouth(money 2 blow) comin to radio station soon To watch
da video click the name above dmoneynigerianguy82

patience257 says:

nice video go girl i love it…….

Herve SIGAP says:

aie !!!!!!!!!!!!! darling where r u ?

bigbang789 says:

damm shes hot man.where can i find this chick?

Suzanne élolo says:

tu es très belle en plus tu danse bien,kiss sur tes fesses

tommylove79 says:

Like she jus armor all’d that mufucka!

2Sassy4u says:

whats this song called

cutiefdk says:

Yeah. She is Good. U Can’t hate On Diz One…Lol. Subcribe…

datgernz says:

thts riqht qurl show em . put tht ass 2 werkkk

benthere002 says:

Anyone knows the name of the artist singing? Thanks in advance for your

hard body says:

fat chicks just don’t turn me on the way petite women do. nice dancing
though I ain’t no hater.

Yimi Lo says:

wts da name and title of dis song …dangg gal show dem dat us we african
can shake our booties no one does it beta than us hehehehe

billcat2 says:

les tueuses du mapouka le titre c “AHOU”

Sona213 says:

wats this song name?

cutiefdk says:

Got 2 agreee wit 10babies

spakdiddy says:

The song is Ahou by Les Tueuses Du Mapouka.

Nyborn Funk says:

She will pop a condom….!!!! Pum pum is was hot …when i hit datazz last

omarbennett says:

girl tell me what it is that you want. Cause you can get it!

noni0829 says:

damn girl you too sexy come hallat yoru boy

DragonsCrest says:

big girls are whats hot right now

zaaatra says:

ca fait pitie koi…va etudier pr tn avenir o lieu de venir d’exhiber
ici…on en a marre des putes…pfffff

siman pablo says:

please can you gentle tell me the author of this music,nice dance too

Yasmine koro Kone says:

please dit moi who sings this song? omg i have not heard it in years

BigRedd504 says:

love those thighs! yum

Oh Yeah says:

I would f*ck her till the street lights come on!

sarrmac says:

sa me plait beaucoup elle doit etre douse…paco

Hassan Nujumi says:

Wow Africa nice

Rampege rule says:

nic 1

KOF107 says:

please do this again wit them same sexy ass pants wit high quality shawty
a.t.l. Out

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