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This video teaches you the basic steps of salsa dancing – it will teach you the basic steps to salsa dancing and get started dancing salsa. Check out more vi…


Uncle Cos says:

its not a salsa in 2 minutes, its just one step, and it could take 10 sec
to explain this, why did not spead 2 minutes for such an easy thing

becauseisedso1 says:

that is so confusing to ny mambo on 2 everything is opposite in ny or east
coast mambo we start off on 1 with our right foot first where are you guys
dancing from?

georgewu5 says:

Eddie Torres, a New York born Puerto Rican had said once before that not
every Lain person is born to dance. Cuban Motion is a hip movement in a
figure 8 rotation in the hips. Not every body knows this, especially among
the White people and the Asian people. It is a very passionate dance
movement, Slavik has it and the instructor here did not have it. All he did
was moving the legs. And that is not Latin dancing ! George Wu, AIA 2012-9-6

georgewu5 says:

Robert: I agree with you that the Salsa people are so confused that they
tried to have the lady copying the man’s of Mambo BREAK ON 2. The
instructor did not even know what he was doing and he taught ! The Salsa
man to take lesson from the Cuban Mambo first before confusing all the
salsa beginners! Mambo: man: left foot forward, called 2. Right foot in
place ,called 3. Left foot to side, called 4,1. -Mambo is what Salsa had
stolen from ! Salsa people are thieves ! George Wu, AIA 2012-9-13

racingspeeddemon89 says:

im just trying to pay attention to the guy but I keep looking at the chick

shawtylikemystyle says:

looool 8 people cant dacne 🙂

RashnUniverse says:

too good, you guys are really making basic steps simple by explaining the
body movements with weight emphasis

jubyvera662 says:


pritesh patel says:

Just just like it……

RobertfromColorado says:

Except you have the lovely lady doing the guys steps. Her count is opposite
the guys.That is confusing to new dancers.

blondie12394 says:

103, 138 people can’t dance, actually. That’s why they watched this video.
1 person can’t spell…

BR914 says:

What happened to Melanie????????

Kendra Bray says:

think to yourself…does it really matter? o_O cause honestly i’d rather

Mauro Santos says:

Nice classes.

Eakta Agarwal says:

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