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Dancing with one of my all time favorite dance partners, the amazing Michael Wogu to one of my favorite songs, Ran Kan Kan under a gorgeous sunset sky at the…


solok167 says:

This nigga looks like fighting….WTF

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

Thank YOU so much! I appreciate your kind words 🙂

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

My doctorate is in Dentistry… I’m a Dentist, Board Certified in the State
of California. I’m now happily retired from private practice and delighted
to be an inspirational speaker, author and talk show host 🙂 Thanks for
taking the time to tune in to our channel… glad you’re here!

gratefulnlearning says:

I think you’re fantastic! Just wondering , what type of dr. you are? MD or

gratefulnlearning says:

You’re a fabulous dancer! such fun!

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

Wow, thank YOU!!! I appreciate you saying that 🙂

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

Thank YOU SimpleHealth83!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

Awww… Thank YOU Fhenry 🙂 I appreciate your kind words… and I’ll
definitely pass on your message to my dance partner, Michael!

Teech says:

i couldn’t keep my eyes off the two of them lol. She has some moves and the
guy was very smooth I wanna dance like him lol.

SimpleHealth83 . says:

Wow ! So impressive! 😀

yeah10000000000000 says:

your so sexy

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

NOTHING like dancing to life our Spirits… SO TRUE Liliane!!! If you’re in
LA come say hi some Sunday evening at the Third Street Promenade… it’s
such FUN! Thanks for your very kind words 🙂

Dr Elizabeth Lambaer says:

Thank YOU SOOOO Much Ivona… I appreciate that! :-)))))

marycatfish says:

Wow ! you sure can dance & know how to have fun. Reminds me of my Salsa
days years ago. I still dance a bit by myself at home. Nothing like dancing
to lift the spirits. In grateful appreciation for all you do and are.
Blessings. Liliane

Ivona B says:

OH my!!! Sooo gorgeous!!!! :))))

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