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The clip carlito-and-gail-have-drinks from Carlito’s Way (1993) with Penelope Ann Miller, Al Pacino. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

This is a surprise.
Big surprise.
Diet Pepsi.
You were really terrific.
I mean, really…
…very, how do I say…
That is the desired effect.
Miss, that was just wonderful!
Really, really wonderful!
Thank you very much.
Really, really wonderful.
Thanks a lot.
What’s the matter?
Nothin’. No, I was just…
This situation, I think, maybe is…
I didn’t expect this kind of thing.
That’s all.
I mean, you told me you was
in a musical of some sort.
I thought you was doin’ a Broadway show.
You told me the Governor’s daughter,
whatever you were playing.
And I come here and see this.
Not that there’s anything wrong with this.
Wait a second. I work hard here.
I dance. I get well-paid for it.
I don’t fuck anybody.
I didn’t say that. Now, please.
You’re sitting there judging me.
I’m not judgin’ you. Please don’t say that.
I don’t judge you.
What do you do that’s so wonderful?
You ever kill anybody, Charlie?
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