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WOW! I wouldn’t want to be on that receiving end.


sly9120 says:

hmmm……i’ll have to cancel my trip to Brazil.



jeanie89gomez says:

U got me fuck up how can u get hard off a women kickin u on the balls.

Minh Nguyen says:

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sukr bait says:

are all the dancers covered in tacky ass tattoos now-a-days? Looks like

Gabby Benavides says:

Well at first I thought I would do this to my boyfriend until she started
yanking on his head >.< lolz

cherry late says:

i would have been slap tht hoe

SuspencedD3ATH says:

If a girl does that to me, i least gotta fuck em’. shit.

ethan gardner says:

Lol i like the KICK IN THE DICK

ethan gardner says:

Damn i had one but not my head jerked back fuck that hurt

Lucas Silva Santos says:


Rianna G says:

Brutal much lo

Jesi Osorio says:

is that a gang initiation or a lap dance?? can’t tell the difference lol

Jesi Osorio says:

lmao WTF?!?! brutal much lol

British Baybee says:


guillaume likulia says:

Fuck that

Samuel Magagnoli says:

Putain ce que j aurais donné pour etre a sa place!

amymalangraya kempreng says:

Wooow,,,sexy guys

CyberCommunity says:

1:55 Oh yeah

sophia fotiadis says:


Wangner Oliveira says:

pq viu o video?

Lara lamar says:

Wtf was that

blonderocker0 says:

Haha to damn funny.

linda Tzakis says:


Marcos Enebrad says:

That dudes her bitch

Minia Mendez says:

Lmfaoooo he was getting tortured xD

Jadiane Alves says:

isso era pra ser sexy e acabou sento um espancamento kkkkkkkkkkk

FearJasper666 says:

0:29 Bet he jerked off with that hand later

Osito Ramos says:

Ill drop kick that bitch lol

Arabo Moradian says:

this bitch is crazy

Laís Vasconcelos says:

Vergonh do brasil

Mohamed Abbas says:


Isadora Ramos. says:

we’re not all like that, you’ll be surprised by the ladies you see..

Sergio Lins says:

What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Saw!?

Cam Williams says:

IDGAF HOW nice that ass is, no way in HELL would I sit through that kind of

iEndorse Stripers says:

what kinda ting

king uber says:

not even prisoners want a lap dance from her !

seftonplayer32 says:

The cunt thought he would get a bonner from s lap dance but he got the shit
beat out of him instead.

chris matthews says:


Jamal Alhyatt says:

Gosh, she’s so mean. She really hurt that dude more than once, on top of
that, he still allows her to shake it on top of him. What a gentleman 3

Lucas Oraha says:

That thing is gonna kill him Did he make it out alive

amy low says:

are you doing a lap dance or do you have a problem with his balls?

Raven Nelson says:

Them sexy ads bitches

Quila dally says:

she Finna Break His Neck ! That Hoe Would’ve Had To Fight Me

raven webber says:

That wasx more like abuse than a lap dance 🙁

KeYz Y says:

1:31 ö.ö

Gandmaster G says:

I’d beat the hell out of her.

xGORG3OUSx says:

He did not look like he was enjoying any of that omg

darealest817 says:

I’d have to beat dat hoe up , she wasnt givin a lap dance she was fightin
dat dude .

MrDevincool100 says:


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