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arab man showers belly dancer with money.786 mumtaz bhatti muslim man thru money at eurpion girls music bally raks.


Tate Tuttle says:

All that money and he still records with a toaster

droppingplates87 says:

This nigga is a straight Balla. He DEFINITELY got that pussy, believe me
she was just putting up a front because she didn’t want to seem easy.

qadoo11 says:

And he still couldnt give her the D lmao she completly tried pushing him
off when he tried to put the money in her bra

gowanderers says:

he didnt get that pussy, he got all the pussy in the room

ineedafkinusername says:

Except he out-gangstas ever rapper ever. Show me when they can shower some
random woman with stacks of 100’s and throw away bundles more like its
toilet paper.

dannielpreto says:

He’s a prince from a country were you can buy women…Yeah he not only got
the pussy, she cleaned his royal penis after it.

dragothdarqlaw156 says:

only so far that she had character, i bet there were at least five other
women who wanted to and possibly slept with him

Hercules Jones says:

Seeing as he’s a billionaire Arab oil Sheikh, and you’re an anonymous
retard on the internet who can barely speak English, I don’t think he cares
about your opinion about his “GAME”, and whether he has one or not.

Jus Me says:

and you know this how

afg4everer says:

fucking arabs;)

QeeWeeD says:

This is not an Arabian man, he’s an asshole who thinks he is, but actually
he’s just a son of a bitch! I’m an Arab, and those people make us look like
shit in front of the world!

mikotank31 says:

I hate stupid poeple like that. Much poeple are poor in this world, it’s a

jamilyoussef24 says:

peice of shit saudis… if i was in a room alone with one of you id beat
the living shit out of you faggots. khara 3alek ya manyak

Nurkhayat Sharipova says:

Так бы не поступил араб

Shivkumar Kalyanshetti says:

c iz dam hot

Joe Maggi says:

Stanky Saudi pricks acting like asshole gangsta rappers is the funniest
shit ever! LLOLLOLOLL!

leonineaugust says:

he keeps putting the money in her face so she won’t look at his ugly face

mumtazbha says:

@jazzzman20202000 i agree with you

Patricio Muñoz says:

tiene tanto dinero y usa un mantel en la cabeza, ademas eran billetes del
juego monopolio comercial ;D

jrottendevil says:

bitch didnt even want the money lmao…..either way rappers should stop
even trying after this guy.

MsKitty775 says:

BELLYDANCERS ARENT STRIPPERS….its a respectable art form and the women
who you can buy sex from aren’t really belly dancers, belly dancing is
about celebrating being a women, not about selling your body….sad

JajaStraw says:


SitBackAndRelax says:

Will you fuck me now? How about now? Now maybe? I’m rich bitch I can do
this all day

farzad8880 says:

ey too zatetoon ey shekam parasta

badstudios1 says:

Meanwhile when people are starving…

whayes8084 says:

Making it rain for real!

billybob42081 says:

i make it rain i make it rain i make it rain on them on them hoes lol

sanjay shaheen says:

can you help me financially please iam poor i have alot of debts?

James Conley says:

you know the funny part about this is? with all that money he’s showering
her ass with he still did’nt get the pussy! LMAO……..that just go’s to
show you that money can’t bye every thing, that’s realy fucked up! when you
thow around that kinda money and still can’t bye some pussy! he!he!he! well
that should tell you that you have “NO GAME”

janellmonet says:

She was try a flex cause of the camera! She know she was in awe. That nigga
is loaded!

TheKestevon says:

a bunch of camels.

bi hangover says:


Sebastian Quinnelly says:


sailor9255 says:

hey yo whats the name of this song which has been sung by that nice girl.

safetsajobosnian says:

@jazzzman20202000 *buy, not bye……..

MrMonkeybrains17 says:

he has slaves to pick up his money so he can re throw it on dem hoes!

ElCuarto Prisionero says:

“A la mierda todo mi dinero, de todas maneras, mañana me voy a la maratón
de Boston.”

lepipas7 says:

p0utsaboy … k gamo tis apadiseis edwses xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxaxaa

p0utsaboy says:


onionburst says:

haters mad, you know he hit it

Cristian Estrada says:

How do you know that he didn’t get the pussy?

maximus14433 says:

this is hilarious

shpun wahid says:

I don’t like this many many country very very s population

san ucy says:

sungguh terlalu.!!!

Fernando Navarro says:

ass hole

Stereals says:

that reason has 3 letters… U.S.A.

whayes8084 says:

“we getting Arab money!!”

Eve Light says:

If she let him put money in her breast she was bought! There are
prostitutes from all parts of the world.

tine minte says:

florine, te iau arabii

MuscleJH says:

Damn! dude made it rain for 4 mins straight. Shoulda drank the rain instead
cause he lookin thirsty

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