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Follow these simple steps to learn basic elements of salsa dancing. Table of Contents: Salsa Basic Two Handed Basic: 00:00 Closed Frame Salsa Basic 03:14 Sal…


Joe Helfenberger says:

This lesson is perfect.

Roman Shilenko says:

I’ve watched dozens of salsa lessons on Youtube. This is definitely the BEST. Great thanks to Geno and Kristin!

franclino says:

Best instructional salsa video on YouTube. Can we look forward to another?


Este es uno de los mejores videos que he visto en tantos años en youtube.

13BEAVERS says:

quick quick slow,,, there you go, good stuff t.k.u.

Rod May says:


Rod May says:

Brilliant, this will ah

Edu Dimaano says:

Thank you very much! I’ve learned salsa coz of you guys

Kelvin Hernandez says:

Thank you guys your are good now I’m practice at home thanks to you nice job!!!!


Ben de izledim dostum:)

Muhammed DELEŞ says:

bunu izleyen bi türk ben varım heralde la

Missceylon says:

Download it via 

marinela867 says:

amazing!! and he is sooo cute.. <3

Lucrative Pictures says:

Thanks! Added.

mermaidsofi says:

awesome video for some beginner salsa moves. My fiance and I took some classes a while back but needed a refresher before going back so this is perfect.
It’s a very basic salsa video. It is impossible to include every detail in one video but it’s free so take it as a sampler, if you like it you will like your lessons. Nothing beats the feedback of a teacher, but this is good for starting 😉

drumaoe says:

23:56 Two Arm Wrap
24:46 Cross Body Lead
28:44 Two Handed Hold
29:42 Adding Style
31:24 Haircombs
33:58 Sombrero
36:00 Cradle
41:45 Ladies Double Turn
43:58 Hammer Lock
48:14 Hammer Lock Cont
50:36 Hammer Lock Cont
53:23 Cross Handed Turn
56:28 Haircombs, Loops and Wraps
57:46 Right Turn to Loop
58:45 Man Loop
59:28 Turn and Loop into Lead
1:00:58 Hammer Lock Cont
1:03:12 Sombrero and Turn
1:06:00 Lead with Inside Turn
1:07:05 Ladies Lead Walkthru
1:10:00 Dip and Cross Body Lead

Ilham Shamsie says:

where can i download this video?

Hasfoo Man says:

i would call this the coles notes of recreational salsa dancing. or a quick nightclub survival guide to salsa. there is alot of details missing such as body movement, styling, hand hold details etc. These dancers are very beginner with less than a year of salsa dancing experience. Very hard to make a quick video and get all the details in. Thats why its important to take a dance class so that your instructor can correct all the bad habits you may unknowingly make. Thank you for the video!

ooOAngelOnBoardOoo says:

Excellent teaching ;)

yarntree says:

Great video! Thanks for making it. I found it very helpful.

Hoa Tran says:

Folivi, it’s up to u. If u don’t like, don’t watch pls. Remember, this is a free video. thx.

Folivi Fofo says:

guys search for videos by real dancers like Super Mario, Al Espinoza etc…
with no disrespect, there is nothing to learn on this videos, no timing, bad posture…very bad quality

m1st3rh says:

Geno -thanks for the video. Is there a video where you guys are actually dancing for a little while longer with the music to reflect on some of these moves to actually see the movement in action. I think it helps to visualize it alot more

Maryam Borhani says:

would be more visiable if their pans werent black

Mariano Herrera says:

How teacher is nice

Katrina Folchert says:

I really like that you have the table of contents so we can skip to a specific move or easily go back to the beginning of it if we want to repeat it, but the whole thing isn’t there; it stops at the club style exit. Can you add the rest of the table of contents? Thanks!

galaxy40011 says:


m1st3rh says:

Could you tell me what the song is that you’ve been using in the early part of the training ?

Stuart Pickering says:

An excellent compilation of movies and their variations in one video. Especially as it starts from beginner and progresses in clear, gradual stages. Naturally you might add some extra moves/variations along the way but this takes the dancer to improver / lower intermediate level. Don’t need to go to classes. Just watch this video and then practise with a partner.

shika maru says:

THANK YOU! I dont get y more people dont teach this! .

TSpoonER says:

Please don’t teach the Step & Together, no one on the planet should dance like that. You have to pass your feet/overlap to have a smooth movement.
Its just as you walk
Thanks Troy Anthony

Mysticatlover says:

Girl move your hiiiips tke a latin attitude!!! Ur too rigid!

Mysticatlover says:

The girls mkes relly big steps… She should keep her.feet a little closer…

ivica saric says:

Does anyone knows the name of the song in the video?

jose jimenez says:

Great lessons ! Gracias from Madrid

Stacy Yoo says:

Simple, awesome instruction!

RW Estrada says:

Awesome! Very clear instruction! Thank you!

ivica saric says:

What is the song on the video, is there anyone who knows?

chapasemperfi says:

it was a very very good video but what is cuararachas? min 1:17

zxlancer says:

Great! I learned a lot from your video. Thanks!

salsaaddictalways says:

it is best if you modify this to not say “together”. In REALITY it is not danced that way at all. 🙁 just keeping it real.

kevin mcclean says:

Great lesson but can you finish the table of contents so I can skip to the moves I’m more interested in? Thanks

Pieter Hanja says:

great lesson, thanks!

travelholic91 says:

Wow, the woman is pretty.

Fly Masta says:

this video is what i’ve been needing, i’ve been learning for a few years now ,but this video has made it much easier to understand the basic i didn’t know
great job guys

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