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Nicole “The Pole” Williams set the Internet a blaze when her audition video for Rihanna’s song “Pour It Up” went viral. Now, the pole dancing diva is dishes …


Daleader24 says:

@chazzmin H, cause i say she a hoe:-)

rockchickstar says:

Don’t know how she a hoe, she talented that what she is

Chazzmin H says:

how is she a hoe?….she an aerobic instructor. pole dancing is a workout…wtf

Lexi Santiago says:

what booty? where?

Daleader24 says:

still a hoe

XXloolypopsXx says:

Well she’s not ratchet

WhereYaBoss says:

I refuse to let my daughters or nieces watch Beyonce or Rihanna. All they do on stage is spread their legs and let men look under their skirts and between their legs. I refuse to let any young black females in my family look at that crap. It truly got x-rated out there.

clarjahmad says:

°-° ^_^  •_•

MrMandigo77 says:

Am I the only dude here who’s tongue nearly broke his front teeth?

Iris Glover says:

She is the bomb!

TheVonvon13 says:

TOO COOL! I wish that I could pole dance!

ZmfKtv says:

You look like Gabrielle Union.!

TJ Matthews says:

Omg what did I just see?

marty mar says:

merci merci

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