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For years now, you guys have been asking to see me dance. So here is a quick Salsa Basic Steps lesson & a demo dance that I did with my friend & dance instru…


yelavesampat says:

I also wanted to learn salsa u inspire me to do it

Kimberly Olivarez says:


silyrabbit68 says:

so good leyla!

Meeeeeee2And0me says:


Polishdd says:

Omg I’ve got to know where ur skirt is from!!!!!!!!

pedro burito says:

Pls do a bachata demo

neda azizi says:

where did you get those shoes? they’re so beautiful. And do these shoes have a special name?

J Fern says:

Love It!!

Zainab M says:

you’re inspiring Leyla

leah km says:


Dalal Faisal says:

Nice anc perfect , great job leyla 😉

Tuunku says:

Was that freestyle?

Prettymaggie07 says:

Girl! You’re too modest!! You’re so good at it!!!

Melissa Sanchez says:

you have the best body i have seen 😮

jreyes180 says:

Could you show us how to include a simple turn with the basic step. Thanks

sarahii07 says:

I LOVE SALSA!! I’ve been dancing since I can remember..we all are such dancers in my family…thanks for sharing!

Lilian Martel says:

Is there anything you can’t do Leyla! You’re just so perfect! Xoxo 🙂

Nicole Sonobe says:

i just suggested you make something like this…and then i found it. BTW how do i follow you on instagram?

pixy1717 says:

I took beginners classes a while back, this is a reminder that I need a refresher 🙂 I love merengue a lot. Do you dance it? can you have a video for it as well?

Kimberly Espinoza says:

I think your q great dancer, Leyla =D

Steve Martin says:

sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

Real Joe says:

Sorry didn’t finish the comment, Leyla, I want to learn to Salsa but have no experience and want to learn from your videos. Please can you do more please xx

Real Joe says:

Layla, I want to learn to Salsa, but ha

rosieDR says:

haha sure is! I’m Dominican so I believe you 

vacel19 says:

Wow u r really goooood!:) good job:) thank u for the video

Alina says:

Hi Leyla! I can’t believe you learned to dance like this without any salsa classes. Me and my boyfriend have been taking salsa classes and we have been loving it so much. But it’s hard to dance as relaxed as you do, since every minute we think about our moves. I think we just need to practice more. Anyway, thanks so much for making this video. I am glad you are inspiring people to dance. Dancing is definitely one of the best ways to stay positive and relief stress. Do more videos about dancing!

xLidoBubblyx says:

The LEGS. Wow

Cassandra Lopez says:

They’re soo cute, haha loed the dance

Caroline Loseti says:

Her legs <3

palak patel says:

its super cool love u

Elvita Barreda says:

Hi Leyla!! I loved this video so MUCH!!! and I am soooo sooo happy that I subcribed to your channel…. you teach a lot in your videos….I love Dancing!!! make me so happy… and I agree that this is a healthy addiction to get energy and recharge batteries !! You and Ricardo made it so nice and simple!!
I would like to ask you where did u get that skirt..?. or how do you call it to get it ? thanks in advance!!! God bless you every day for the love and sunshine you spread around you!!! xoxo!

Lorrey Anne Mendoza says:

i really like your posture! hope u can give a tutorial for some exercise/yoga on how to improve posture.. and i’m definitely loving your skirt – its almost like its dancing also :))

Celeste O. says:

Omg, I’m Latina and I can’t dance 🙁 but you are a really good inspiration thank you, I will give it a try cuz I really want to learn. Big hug for you and your sis. I found you about 4 days ago and have learned a lot from you, you have inspired me to keep my chin up and look the positive side of everything it is hard but I’m working on it. Thank you so much!

gabymijack says:

watching u dance made me smile! Love it!

Elena Poiata says:

Where is your skirt from?

MsBeautyangel07 says:

Have you ever been greek dancing? It is a lot of fun. Maybe because I just few up with the dance lol

n ben says:

can u tell us plz where / how to get good dance shoes? thank uuuu

Giovannatch says:

Nor in mexico. It’s really different.

mistaisulcaz says:

Hot mummyyyyy

Lorena Zurita says:

I am from Ecuador!!! Way to go Ricardo!

amichi25 says:

iLIKE it =)

Selma corby says:

Great video but we can see your thong through your skirt -.-

Ari Rod says:

Wow love it !!! U were great! Keep it up

Natibelly17 says:

I love her skirt!! But it is so short. :/ lived this video. leyla is a really good dancer!!

Jisell Reyes says:

bachata and merengue video !!:)

cheetahlillies says:

Oh my gosh u did amazing!

vero landi says:


EveryDay'Special says:

You are even more beautiful when you are dancing!

Maïlys Muñoz says:

Ecuador! 😀

getfitwithleyla says:

That’s amazing.. you guys will love it! It’s a healthy addiction 🙂

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