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Here’s a free lap dance for all you guys lol! I had to pay $40 🙁 Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe if you have not done so already 😀 Follo…


Tammy Andews says:

I loved it

Geuri Troncoso says:

Im hornie as fuck now

Awesomegirl558 says:

Hey wanna fuck me

zayvian manriquez says:

You just got a lap by a Tranvesty

Hikaru Ko says:

Those boobs

Soccerballz22 says:

He SHOWED me where it was in the game

lynn giddings says:

Not in 12

elijah3887able says:

Shut up!!!!!!

Derek Cook says:

Your brother brought you to a strip club?

upinflamezzz says:

Lap Dances are $20 at Baby Dolls in Dallas Texas. Could very well be the best strip club I’ve ever been to. You’re allowed to touch as well.

Soccerballz22 says:

I was tired..go watch my others videos and see how energetic I am

Sem Hennekam says:


Jovani Kalandos says:

I did this 15 times

Awesomegirl558 says:

Hey since I’m a red head I’ll fuck you

Justin Dixon says:


Soccerballz22 says:

It was already taken down then youtube put it back up so I’m not worrying 🙂

minatorking says:

dude someone else posted this. it will be taken out, so watch out


shut tf up I only

nohatersallowed2011 says:

U lil shit prob a virgin still lmaooo

nohatersallowed2011 says:

Shut up bum lol

Namfo Keegedud says:

SOMEBODY has sexual insecurity…..

cameron norris says:

everyone gonna want rhe hot coffee mod now

Soccerballz22 says:

Ooo baby ;D

Awesomegirl558 says:

I’m a red head I do it for you

Carson says:

says the guy whose watching a strip club in gta

mariae ward says:

Bro im black u gay whore if i ever find u ima beat ur ass wit ma homies bitch u pig

MegaCenafan101 says:

Holy shit look at those …… nipples XD XXD

Soccerballz22 says:

I’m a faggot looking at a pussy. Hmm, I guess that makes sense 

Soccerballz22 says:

I see, so they’re only funny when Russel Peters says them? I didn’t know you had to be a professional comedian to make people laugh at your racist jokes. Sorry about that guys

thelugonator says:

Yes they are!

Harry Stone says:

Racist jokes aren’t funny, asshole.

Lewis Mcbride says:


Ohh Mags says:

What if we are that race,then why would we laugh lul..

nohatersallowed2011 says:

I think the fagot that made this video never really been to a strip club lol he like o wow look at her pussy lol

Soccerballz22 says:

I say a lot of racist jokes to make people laugh, even about my own race so you decide if I’m racist or not

kamal litchmore says:

are u racist

JCHKingmo360 says:

Killing is in our nature as humans if you like it or not. So both sex and killing are natural. but w/e

Soccerballz22 says:

I know lol. If only all my other videos had this many views

Soccerballz22 says:

I got 2, how many do you want? lol

Soccerballz22 says:

I agree

Soccerballz22 says:

Yes sir lol

Elija Sillah says:

…Wow…one stripper in the entire game that looks fucking hot. (Peaches)

Elija Sillah says:

Lame strippers. They all don’t have hips!

xLightsOn says:

I came, I saw, I came

Alex Mason says:

redhead brutta too lol are you italian? 😀

sddsadsa dsdasd says:

I think its weird how this GTA video is age restricted because of nudity/ sexual reference, but videos of GTA where there is mass murder are not… sex is actually a good natural thing… killing isnt. But yet thats whats society is exposed to nowadays. rant over.

Cams Kyle says:

You should of got anonther dancer

Jonathan Cunningham says:

So much views on this video lol

Drewsky Halo says:

Add me on psn mlgnoob55

Joy Ariesga says:

I want her to be fully naked and 1the door is Oppa

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