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from “Tarot – Fantasy Bellydance” DVD Dance, fitness, modeling instruction – video / DVD / iPhone, iPad Apps: http://worldda…


Даша Баст says:

Ирина – восхитительно прекрасна! Абсолютное владение телом… Само совершенство!

Peerachasith Jroenratt says:

WOW Stunning

TaTa Brito says:


Sandy Bsk says:


betty balls says:

Bellydancers move so smoothly but the models on LandofCams . com move even better 😉

Koryugenzaku Shibigami says:

Thanks upload.very nice.enjoyed.

lauraashleynl says:

And for this reason I’m not a fan of using attributes. Initially it worked great, but the sword balancing on head thing grew boring pretty quickly.

GoddessDusk says:

still one of my faves!

Amary Buzzi says:

Excellent job, Irina !!! You are a beautiful dancer, the best sword belly dance performance !!

suli says:

..really beautifull,…I am amazed

Ivan30007 says:

Sweet. Love it!

Marcela Varejão says:

Impressionante e hipinotizante.

YALILA Z says:


Aruja05 says:


GirlGracie says:

So so sooo cool and beautiful to watch!

actionmoviefrea says:


Darlene AP says:

wow… like a serpent

gopi krishna says:

Yes i mean it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this in a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. have a look here

jadeamazon says:


Doreen Lettice says:

It probably wouln’t be as dramatic if she were naked. I have found that in dance, when you are doing amazing things with your body, being naked usually detracts from the movement. Clothing actually enhances the movements of the body by blocking out areas that will draw attention away from the areas the audience should be looking at.

GreenSong257 says:

Music: “Saptak” by Solace

R Martinez says:

Como se llama la cancion? please

sukumaran cp says:

Really wonderful …..indian music

LePetit Jess says:

Me too!!! She’s wonderful!

caitlynjkhath says:

The best belly dance I ever seen, the movements, the music, the costume.

Julia L says:

I’m not trying to be nasty but I’m wondering how it looks to do that dance naked O_O

stefanos Kritikos says:


Sonata Das says:

girl u are amazing and one of my favorite belly dancers. i love that u dont have so much stuff on u like other dancers and your movements are clean and flowing like water. u dance like water.

ezik says:

mmmmmmmm superb

PowderSpirit3 says:

..this is DOPE !! Thx for sharing! WOW!!!

★★★★★ 5-stars ❥

DemmyChan says:

I was mesmerized 🙂

Fonda Beaver says:

pure art

EmaRooksy says:

mesmerizing. gorgeous perfect choreography.

La Blue Girl says:

Great performance!

alfred williams says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on Landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this!

Натали Чёрная says:

помогите мне найти музыку которая играет для Ирины в танце с саблей!

Ashwini S.R says:

i love her dance…. 🙂

DarkMoonDroid says:

LOL I can relate.

Alaila Hekert says:

espectacular quede con la boca abierta… maravilloso

Sherine Khatoun says:

excellent. stunning as always, Irina.  I admire your grace, strength, and dynamic transitions.

Sandy Martin says:

Maybe in my next life, I can do this! 🙂

amal anwar says:

this is what i call art
perfect <3

May Lee says:

This is incredible. So graceful and inspiring.

xTinix90 says:

I can’t stop watching this. This is my 5th time watching it, it’s just so graceful and beautiful.

Kihara Kaito says:

58 are afraid of her beauty 😉
This was a real perfect performance which made me goosepimples!

Cyclamenist says:

Best coreo I’ve ever seen.

wringinitout9 says:

Honey you are one of the GREATS! Breath taking performance!

Danuta2513 says:

Dziekuje bardzo,pozdrawiam:-)

tendarine1 says:


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