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Fusion belly dance improvisation by Irina Akulenko. Irina is a New York City-based fusion dance performer, teacher and choreographer. Musi…


Rosalina Pang says:

Thanks Irina, that inspirational and similar to the way I create and present my dance too. Love your oriental, tribal fusion and pop style:)

IrinaDances says:

Structured improvisation. I knew the music very well. There were sections that I always ended up interpreting the same way, but most of it is improvised.

Rosalina Pang says:

is this improv, choreographed or half and half….?

mr random says:

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Narriman HOOLASH RIGAUD says:

I like this style of belly dance.

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matt jim says:

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Marky Boy says:

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shelleyfunny19 says:

Serpentinially seductive! Amazing!

connette mislang says:

there are lots of type of belly dancing: typical belly dancing with its own music, tribal fusion with its sharp movement and yet so sensual again with its own music, indian tribal fusion, and so other things.

alfred williams says:

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svetliakan says:

отличный трайбл фьюжн и очень красивая фигура!

Priscila Perez says:

Que bonito baila

mr random says:

This video is alright but it doesn’t compare to Landofcams . com

YumikoYoshihana says:

Your arms are perfect. I know that sounds weird, but arm placement and movement is always really challenging for me, and the way your arms pair with your body movements is just amazing.

YumikoYoshihana says:

I was wondering the same thing!  It certainly sounds like it.

Cristina Popa says:

Can’t stop watching this! Amazing! Is that a “berimbau” playing in the background? It sounds like a berimbau, a brazilian instrument used in capoeira 🙂

bobby mcman says:

Youtube never shows anything, back to LandofCams . com haha

lis ash says:

bellydancing = awesome

123martyna says:

love your style, very YOU as the way you fuse authentic belly moves together plus costume and music makes it so so irresistible

Gabby Zapata says:


denisemckendry says:

Beautiful arm movement and undulations.

CalieInWonderland says:


bobby mcman says:

Nothing sexier than a girl that can move.. she should perform on landofcams . com

wadsmynameful says:

Love her and still love her

Lori Kartowidjojo says:

i really love your style..its not like all the other belly dancer ive seen before, with the same kind of have your own’re right..belly dance can be performed with all kinds of music…ur now officially my favorite…

0000karma says:

una forza della natura

tuna alaylı says:

congratilations.very soft motions and mystic:)

EmaRooksy says:

wow, so fluid and smooth. each movement ends in another part of her body as a complete motion. not staccato like a lot of dancers.

HaxinaGaius says:

Irina, I absolutely love your latest work! Beautiful.

Strongpaw 111 says:

The performance is beautiful and graceful, wish I could dance like her… 0.0 lol

R.R. Starr says:

A good, supportive bra helps me and I am very ample-chested.

MegaSaliem says:


tendarine1 says:

what a beauty

themorningstar2007 says:

wish i could do that to heavvy chested lol

sanjuanamartinez17 says:

Wow she is just so graceful in her movement she ballerina bellydancer

Jhonamaica Caoagdan says:

Amazingly beautiful

Erika Victoria says:

Irina is a goddess! Definitely a huge inspiration too.

quietfi123 says:

I’m entranced by this dance. So beautifully performed by Irina. I’m learning from her bellydance tutes and this dance is my aim altho I doubt I’ll ever get this good!

Anna Burlescaya says:

what an inspiration this is!

Veritorock1 says:

Thank you very much ^_^

GreenSong257 says:

I beleive the name of song is “Sky City”.

forbiddenlovebite says:

Beautiful love it 😀

Veritorock1 says:

0.0 wow! Irina this is AMAZING!!! So much love for Irina. Beautiful dance, great music, gorgeous outfit and incredible girl. Please come to Venezuela!!! Also, can I ask name of the song?

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