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PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ makes this sleeping baby wake up and dance. How cute is that?


High687 says:

it will get better when the kid can stand up

Chuck Engle says:

that little girl is adorable

dm_523d8b3e7c498 says:

open Nepal style

dm_523d8b3e7c498 says:

this song is awesome…

Mano Bili says:

lelelelelelelelele hahahaha nice

lampberg says:

the kid next to the baby is also very funny laughing

dm_51c03ce1c3ec2 says:

😀 gam gam verry nice mıllet kafayı bozmus cocugu bıle ucuruyoo:D

LadyLyn Domingo says:


Marie Pastorfide says:

omg ,,hahaha ,,nice ….so cute

Chweety Samiya says:

Shoooo cute ….!!!!!

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