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This cute babay dancing like a little shakira in America’s Got Talent has allured everyone present in the auditions including the judges.


angelloves9813 says:

She’s soooooo cuttttttttyeeeee

reenua jones says:

So cute

Pablo Aguirre says:

Colombia tu papi!!!

alpha501117 says:


Michelle Sealey says:

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

max kangaroo furry says:

She looks scared.

carrieqq27 says:


Jasmine Henderson says:

is’int he the simon from shreak? -_-

Jasmine Henderson says:

is int he the simon from shreak? -_-

fatima castro says:

Que linda princesita. baila excelente
bendicione de DIOS

Marrisa O says:

It’s just dancing! Grow up!

Lilyanna jocestefanie Gonzalez says:


Sheila Lobo says:

She is cute but not so good

Sejal Shah says:

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Anoushka Dickens says:

woooooooooow great dancing! great shimmying! 4! who would of guessed that!

princez449 says:

yeah shes cute but ppl who go through are supposed to have talent!

Carissa Alvarado says:

She sure knows how do dance and she is the most adorable girl in the world

amyrose112266 says:

So cute!!!!!

Bluecheesewizard AJ says:

She is adorable and they make her dance this crap? Little girls should be playing with their dolls, not dancing like… like a grown up.

joanneckruse82 says:

Cute little girl

Elise Meacham says:

Aww 🙂

thatbaldbloke says:


Ay-Nur Kar says:

Sweet  😀

Xavier Ntmetal says:

so sweet 😀

folabi007 says:

The following 2 statements don’t go together, but absolutely applicable to this little girl: 1) Really, how could anyone say NO to such sweet cute girl? and 2) who are the irresponsible parents putting out their kid for such competition at such a young age?

mikataylor7997 says:

It was really cutee but that 2nd dress was just a little two grow it could have been a little mire longer but other than that small dress I think she did GREAT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!:-)

leang seu says:

Simon didn’t say yes because the dance was awful. She don’t even know what she doing. Her parents????

Nerea Madrazo Rodríguez says:

Who are her irresponsibles parents??

Alessia Mancini says:

there was no reaction with her when they put her through

Ynez Bimbi says:


keyrun lama says:

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ประสิทธิผล นนทะนำ says:

socute !! XD

Hayane Silva fortes says:


Siri Bollepalli says:

Cute but not old enough to be shimmying!

Solenn Lesguillier says:

Youa la ptite bravo

isasave says:

ay que lindaaa!

edwin mateo says:


олег чурконов says:

It’s not good

Nikola Wojczyńska says:

Going small

Janet Smith says:

Not old enough but really cute

gemaydario says:

Pornografys stupids xxx

Hinamori Amu says:

she is soo cute

Selma Brockhaus says:

good for a beginner!

MrNarkomania says:


cesar astorga says:

Are a todo fiel dancing

Emily Paz says:

I thought this girl got some talent skills but if u disagree well y’all haters gonna hate

cheyennehendry says:

rut row

Tomas Kad says:

and pedobear was the one that was clappping the most

Tomas Kad says:

and pedobear was the one that was clapping as fuck

ginnyweaselyfan says:

its little kids like this that bring out the nice, smiley side of Simon.

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