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Thank Y’all for tuning in to my pole journey. I am approaching the 2year mark and still have loads of improvement to make.


Shaniyah Jackson says:

i just started a pole dancing class to get healthy and this just made me feel good about it because i be in there struggling with all those skinny girls but now i know it possible to get there

Jessica Vianne Mendoza Kuong says:

Amazing. Es fantastico como has avanzado , me inspiras a aprender mas pole!

sweetsexybrownin1 says:

goes to show anything is possible!
well done!

Paulinha Czar says:

Bom Progresso! Parabéns!!

mr random says:

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nemodaa says:

very good  🙂

Tatiana Berrios says:

It seems like pole dance is a fun way to tone and lose weight. How many pound you lost pole dancing?

Zapasjonowana says:

What kind of tube you have ? I want to by one, for me in home, but I don’t know what kind of it will be the best

Rachel McElyea says:

You did great!! I wish I could do that!!

blaccmadonna22 says:


CALEVA101 says:

OMG !!! yOU’RE so damm good!!!!!!!!!!!! The evolution is amazing, a hugh example of inner strenght. CONGRATULATIONS!!

crisiya says:

you influenced me, very good.

Debbie De Jesus says:

OMG! you’re so great!!!

Belice Amor says:

I am so inspired… That was phenomenal!!! its nice to see a thicker woman pole dance and not be afraid to show the good with the bad. Kudos!!

Bianca Henry says:

BITCH!!!! YOU BETTA WORK!!!!!! SO great.

Jenai Davis says:

what kind of pole do you use at home?

Brittny Dillon says:

Now seeing this pushes me more to want to learn and get into pole dancing. Did you learn by yourself or took classes? You look amazing and have done a phenomenal job. Keep up the good no amazing work!!!!!

cinemadivatv says:

I am inspired!

Cleide Alves says:

Vc esta de parabéns garota….eu assisti seus primeiros videos e posso garantir que desde a primeira vez que assistir sabia que que vc ia alcançar seu objetivo.
Sou tua fãn

peachesval says:

wow big difference
why did you have two poles??

Ana Fernandes says:

Beautiful!!! Believe it, you are graceful and very elegant!

Lulu nuñez says:

wuauuuu , excelente amiga 😉

Eustratus says:

From France : BRAVO !!!

wolfguts says:

Amazing :)

panfoton panfton says:

i just love you girl,you are fabulus,i have a month that i start doing pole dance and i was loosing my hope to make it till i see you.Thnx for this video and keep going you are great

Liana Sanchez says:

wow, awesome!!

Chris Jennings says:


megansmith29 says:

True inspiration!!!

babeyangel266 says:

so inspirational, amazing!

maya nixon says:

You can just see her strength and confidence increase more and more. I’m definitely gonna start my pole journey soon.

Dora Ondra says:

that smile on your face when you made all this was priceless. you’re an inspiration to me for not backing off cause you’re not a skinny minnie bitch, I’m so proud of your work

mirainightwind says:

Wow! Good job!

nnst0one says:

good job!!!

coloureddelight says:

well done, keep at it!

Ben T says:

Great Job.. 

Dharma HeArt says:

will you please share the song titles? thanks

Dharma HeArt says:

gir you are my star..congrads!!

aleks1616 says:

truly amazing and inspiring !

hithereitsleaa says:

how did you learn?

Nikola Linda says:

🙂 wow, perfect job girl 😉

Constance Durieux says:

congratulations it is marvelous , it is because you lose weight it hlped a lot i am sure

f1tony2003 says:

Damn makes me want to go to the generic ass ATM that charges 5.50 per transaction.

celi p says:

you are such an inspiration for me, ’cause you are a REAL woman, like everyone of us, who is trying and trying and not giving up, thanx for doing this, looking forward your next compilation =)

WildChildNamaste says:

Fucking incredibly inspiring.


camill pochet says:

tro tro fore lol [iminent=dRojpcgUWfOB] 

Anna Kiera says:

whats the song from 4:20

Tahdi Moore says:

You doing your thang girl! Good for you 🙂

mjxcore11 says:

Way to go!!!!

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