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This is a video I wrote and produced with the people from Luna Crush.

PLOT: Vanessa under mind control! How can it be? The nemesis to Luna Crush is finally overthrown by one of her evil minions, in this adventure, the wicked Vanessa is planning her global domination when she is surprised by one of her minions who takes her new weapon A mind control collar meant for dogs, and uses it against her. In a flash of light, Vanessa is transformed into a mindless slave at the whim of her evil minion. She is forced to dance, clean, obey, and serve men. When the evil minion is done with his fun, he sells off the enslaved Vanessa to the highest bidder. There is no nudity what so ever in this video.

This is just a sample clip of video, if you want to see the full video, you must buy my video here:


dm_52221232b2392 says:

Great stuff when the tables get turned and the controller goes under,down and especially when it involves such a beautiful subject.

dm_52221232b2392 says:

Love it when the tables get turned and the controler goes under,down whatever.especially when it involves a most beautifull subject.

lovelygirl2050 says:

lol ^-^ …. ,,………..

sweetmartina84 says:

Dude I love your videos so much. ..i feel lonely though.. 🙂

amberq0x says:

(Haa super Thanks ^^ by the way go to

saktistary says:

she’s too old to me..

minneybobnval says:

Sexy outfit on a very sexy woman!!

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