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Usher – Lap Dance live Performance.


andrew kick says:

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alyssa hinkle says:

Lol, somebodys jealous

tealemoe aimeekeltic says:

Bit of a slut tho

tealemoe aimeekeltic says:


debrabarnes503 says:

Omg. Yeah we going back stage.

bobby mcman says:

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Ligia Teixeira says:

lucky girl om my

Jordan J says:

shit can he do this for me holy fuck

Shadajah Johnson says:

Trading places

Erika Mendoza says:


Cynthia Ontiveros says:

Can some tell me what’s this song called?

Shadajah Johnson says:

@brent little

Shadajah Johnson says:

shut up @brent

laflakachula2013 says:

So sexy

brent little says:

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