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stelena paul says:

b shutup

sl33pyw03 says:

whoever flag dis is a gay piece of shit

ARealMan78 says:

I can’t hardly see a goddman thing!!

pr0stella says:

lap dance starts at 2:41?

Aurore Adelin says:

Please Cat, Shut the fuck Up!! Lets have sexy lap dance plz!

DhatPrettyBxtch22 says:

I’m with you nun ya lmaoo

carlinap09 says:

What viewers fail to realize is that Leena and Cat are both off a molly/pill, hence the reason why Cat is wearing sunglasses in the dark and Leena looks dunzo and can’t stop touching her hair lol Sad to see that these girls/taz would rather spend money on drugs/alcohol than to buy furniture and decor SMH!!


That bitch talk too much

angel jacques says:

There just like 50% of all girls go the the club called themsevles bad bitches give lap dance ratchet ….there nothing special there pretty and all but i never knew you can get paid for being pretty

stephanie gonzalez says:

If you hatin you jus need. Some pussy

toria Jean says:

How do I become Tazangel?

jada algora says:

This bitches are full retard,Foreal

Genesis Palma says:

Why does tazs never show his face -.-

mYNaMEiSjournye says:

Cat is annoying

rossta83 says:

I wear my sunglasses at night…..

kween410 says:

Go read a book young lady lol. Get your high school diploma at least. You are the disgrace of women.

SuperAnu16 says:

u so ryt…lol

Obey III says:

How the fuck can u dislike this

star10310 says:

all the time*

Blondiee1708 says:

Lmfao @mrsjacofiasco

allilovezyou says:

Why don’t they have furniture?

whachaon2 says:


Ronald McDonald says:

If you listen closely you can hear their parents’ hearts shattering

MrMogulMoney says:

Annabella the baddest.

henrique says:

make a video of u girls speaking yur language

shane wright says:

Can I come to taz house of angels after dark and get a lapdance

Deja Coleman says:

*Cat and Anabella are my favorites.

Deja Coleman says:

I fucks with Tazs House of Angels too hard! They’re bad as hell! They are all grown ass woman let them do them and you do you because hating on them will get you no where! Anabella is my favorite though.

Priscilla Becton says:

I rock with them but they be actin like hoes sometimes

phunkmasterchicken says:

Thts wat i always do

Madison Josephine says:

Bring Taz’s Angels to Adelaide 🙂



bobonfya says:

Need to learn to tilt the iPhone long ways. Still fine though

Jayde mack says:

tbh that dance was wack af and the fact the cat said she didn’t wanna a lap dance like she just wanna ‘tricks on this hoe’ but thats how annabella danced and i may not have ever been to a strip club yet but i do know lap dances are about shaking you’re ass faster than that and showing some tits like i felt like annabella was just feeling herself as usual like in every other vid tbh nothing new just basic as shit.

ernestt58 says:

Better than my first lap dance lmfaoo

oliver andre' says:

If you lesbian imma fuck you up

Fan Halie says:

Sexy Look chaîne YouTube Misshalie305

oOoSWEETSoOo says:

Why are there no black tazsangels?

2011bionca says:

I completely agree, shit they just BADD hoes!

2011bionca says:

Why you say that?

Charl'e J. says:

I so gay for all of them

TeamBrezzy24 says:

Shut up

Ash Cash says:

@Boredliz thank you 😉

HumpaDumpa Dich says:

Dafuuuq ?? Leena is smoking that fake G stufF ?

Boredliz says:

nicki & future tapout

3ightY8 says:

all u bad bitches sexy…do ya fuckin thing & invite me over for my 25th bday. hmu 8/28/2013

Jearmie Caffee says:

She need to shuy the fuxk up lol

cheerchikcatz says:

wait im confused they dont like black girls

kingzim says:

anyone else notice that these girls hardly have furniture in their house

Ash Cash says:

Wats the song in background

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