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gettin my pole on! the pole trick i was the most scared to try was the oona split, but after i did it a couple times, it’s wasn’t as bad as i thought 🙂


vienna B says:

how old were you when you started pole dance?

betty balls says:

Ever seen a pole dance striptease? Check out landofcams . com sometimes there are really hot girls that do just that 😉

briibrii9666 says:

Wow… Your amazing. O. O graaaceful

TeelaMichelli says:

What type of pole are you using?

alfred williams says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on Landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this!

McKennaPaigexoxoxo says:

Nice : D

Kevin Billington says:

It’s a YES! From me! Perhaps film a little closer next time. Absolutely awesome! Totally took my breath away! I would put on a huge fan and throw money in the air!!

Sara Foellmi says:

great job! love your fluency and elegance!!! :))

jessicabarnes1226 says:

That’s beastt! ;)

Anthony Morales says:

Amazing and beautiful!!

emmy castro says:

You. Are. Amazing!

Melly Mel says:

Do you instruct? If so WHERE?

PinkMiuMiu says:

Babe, you are awesome! I love this piece and your spins.. *hope to have 1/8 of yours :P*

PinkMiuMiu says:

Same here too.. simply amazing!

koolaidswimmingpool says:

Mom: And you said this is for tetherball?

Holly Williams says:

Oh my god that was soooooo good!!! Im jealous!!!:(

iliadin93 says:

126 likes 0 dislike. It speak for itself. You are magnificent.


Awesome! Great music

dreya3 says:

Damn that was great.

MrArabscarab101 says:

That was beautiful, you’re very talented!

Natalie Stephens says:

so amazing. loved watching you dance. beautiful lines.

theverticalgym says:

Great job, really neat transitions! Great extensions.

xxEmosaur343 says:


danikalious says:

Did you have prior cheer,:gymnastics; ? Or jus got into it>?

HiImJellyBean says:

When you have company over, do they ever ask why you have a pole in the middle of your living room?

Sorchestra says:

Marry me. Right now. Please.

PrincessOfTheYew says:

Amazing! Did/Do you do any other forms of exercise before you began pole dancing?

Evelin Hutton says:

omg that was awesome !!!!

Astrid Vindotter says:

Well that’s awesome and you look great doing it!

shadskyball says:

i have been pole dancing for a little over 2 yrs. how much i pole/train depends on how much time i have or if there is somethign specific to train for 🙂

shadskyball says:

thank you, i just put some combos together in a couple days for this video, but i have been pole dancing for a little over 2 yrs now

Astrid Vindotter says:

How long have you been training?

blackbiddersweet says:

how long did you trained to do this ? i like it very much <3 😀

merlos0824 says:

This is the first time I actually saved a video. you were amazing and the song choice was great as well

rawgstal says:

well done

Frost828 says:

Gravity does not apply to the pro dubstep dancers or what

isabelle121 says:

thanks !!!!

shadskyball says:

@isabelle121 It is Adele rolling in the deep (damnyoumongolians remix)’s the one with orange flame looking things in the video lol

isabelle121 says:

love the song ! I’m trying to find it on youtube but there are so many !! can you help me out plz ? 🙁

Ana H says:

I don’t like the song, but your moves are awesome, I love your style, congratulations.

workitfit2010 says:

Very clean lines! Nice job!

corbyOconnor says:

Lovely! So strong and clean and musical!

DonaldTrump3 says:

Great Skills
Flexible and Sexy
LIKE / R 3

s.t. shimi says:

that was gorgeous! I loved your transition into the oona split. Very inspiring.

peaceloveblonde1234 says:

I am blown away by your tricks and love the song choice, and your cradle drop is one of my favorite moves! Love love love!

Joel Lessing says:

Nice transition from the Oona split to the Jasmine and out to that move at 00:34 ( a butterfly or Allegra variation of the extended butterfly–what DO you call that,lol?) and ending with the Flat Scorpio. Great combo!

dancindiva83 says:

Excellent! Loved the phoenix,special k and the drop at the end!! You didn’t look at all scared doing the special k!

shadskyball says:

yah because i do my TG on the left and my left split isnt as good as as my right haha

MissDeadBattery says:

Yayy!! Oona split! And extended butterfly, u never do that one 😛

onlinepolestudio says:

Well you did the Oona Split quite well! Excellent job! You look fearless up there! That drop at the end left my jaw hanging open!

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