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Nuala teaches the hip to shoulder shimmy belly dance move step by step.


Freddeboiie says:

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05tjj says:

YouTube police!  Heeelp! 🙂 hehehe

natassia belly says:

she looks great and no one asked you…it’s her body and her body is none of your business.

luvmonkey25 says:

Her arm flab was moving lol no rudeness

knoshney white says:

omg so true

TheNicoliyah says:

Brilliant! You broke that down in a really helpful way. Also like the fact that you have explained u need to practice, seems obvious but i was getting frustrated i couldnt get moves. Now I realise I need to put in work! ; )

oldschool772 says:

I just noticed that her belly button is triangle shaped instead of round shape.

Marly Duran says:

It’s like her upper and lower halves aren’t even connected when she’s doing the hip shimmy and her top half is stationary. And her voice doesn’t have any evidence of a shimmy. She’s obviously done this for a long time. I love the hip scarf, it’s perfect in this video, because she rocks it.

Marina Yanel says:

A- MAI-ZING Thank teacher!!!

Lady Fluffy Rufflebottom says:

Lovely Lady! Thank you for the break down. Your accent is delightful.

05tjj says:

she needs to ‘undo’ some of that boob fat – it looks gross! older women think the bigger the better but it not only ages them, it just doesn’t look very good.

ThePinabara says:

You are beyond amazing!! Keep on doing what you are doing!

Claudia14sept says:

thank you Nuala.. was really helpfulll for me

mkrocks23100 says:

Cool, !!!!

Fatin Tribal Dancer says:

I like this move better with a twisting shimmy on the bottom. Going from the horizontal shimmy in the shoulders to the vertical shimmy in the pelvis doesn’t look as smooth.

TheTropicaldreams says:

Wow. I was teaching almost the same move. The only difference is that I didn’t use the shoulder on the way down. I prefer this method. Thank you so much. I love it.

hypachikx says:

the only thing i can do is shimmy

hypachikx says:

hi nuala i am really struggling with the pelvis stop i watched so much , do you have any classes in london i am so desperate to belly dance, i e-mailed you too, thank you

Falcon`s nest says:

I love your teaching style, you explain very well. I`m going to start practising with your videos



sairacoolification says:

these videos are great!! Please post up how to do pops and tummy waves! 🙂

Michelle Emaan says:

Fantastic videos! thank you

Augustleo1983 says:

I loved your video, good explanation and details, I also like that we can see all what your body and legs are doing in the mirrors so we can better see what it’s suppose to look like

nualadouglas says:

Very pleased it is helpful. Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. Nuala

silverdaz27 says:

Very cute! Putting together a routine and this will most def be a part of it!

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