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9/16/13: An excited Royals fan celebrates Lorenzo Cain’s RBI triple with a unique belly dance Check out for more! About About M…


Ryan Delaney says:

also, Jimmyfaseler @ gmail

Ryan Delaney says:

Everyone, this is Jimmy Faseler. I know him in person, I went to a boarding school where he works shelterwood 0rg

Facebook: faceb00k/jimmyfaseler

Youtube: youtube / user / iatetheworld

Shelterwood Profile: shelterwood 0rg / meet-our-staff (First picture under ‘Admissions’)

freethebud420 says:


PacoRaps11 says:

that style of dancing is going to be as popular as twerking one day!

CCameron AArroyo says:

What did i just watch

Jake Kaufman says:

hahhaa the kid next to him in the Jayhawk gear.

blackpimpKCMO says:


deep desai says:

this is gonna be a classic one day

Jonathan Cofresi says:

Lol Lol Lol Lol

Cya_Birds says:

That’s hot

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