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The young duo spice up the room with their spin on salsa dancing. See D’Angelo and Amanda’s sweet moves. Subscribe Now for More AGT: Ge…


HIMYM Lover says:

I’ve seen you in the Youtube comments, I’ve said this and I will say it again, I am actually very concerned abut your mental state and you seem emotionally disturbed. All jokes, aside, I’m concerned for you.

snesfreak706 says:

Anna is a fucking piece of worthless shit!

emma zavala says:

Stop at 19 seconds

squiggy420 says:

I’m hoping more people will vote this time to beat out the undeserving acts like Jimmy Rose. Shame on America for voting for reasons like back story and hotness.

Machkid3 says:

That’s what I thought too, until I watched it on YouTube and I was like, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SONG D’Angelo and Amanda’s song was horrible.

JustAmiruddin Muhammadiyah says:

6 Spot in Finale 3 For singers come on this is not singer Competition Right?
3 spot Supposed for KB. D’Angelo & Amanda And Innovative Force..
For Singers they have choice to go Idol and X factor ….

jibikao says:

I am not familiar with salsa/samba music. However, what they picked in the last two rounds just didn’t work for me. It was all too happy and it lacked emotions. The dance just didn’t connect for me.

dancetjoen says:

It had to be samba music. Which one would you suggest? It had to be remembered by the audience (Billboard hit or from popular film). There are not many to choose from. “Mas que nada” had been used 3 years ago. Song above was seen in the closing ceremony of 2012 London Paralympics.

Gerson Valle says:

Salsa dance? En primer lugar: la canción no es salsa y como se dice acá la salsa fluye, se improvisa. Esto no es salsa ni en la China.

DarkstarYesh says:


camille roberts says:


bailey reid says:


bailey reid says:

I like thir last performance better but it was.

Miso Park says:

the girl is soo pretty!!!

Colin Casey says:

I agree

snesfreak706 says:

Fuck your mother!

DarkstarYesh says:

I kinda wanted Ana to win tbh.

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