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Lucio Bartmann says:

E tudo isso ao alcance de qualquer um que possa pagar.

Alexandre Junqueira says:

CORRECT= Brazilians and BRASILIANS AGAIN, the best girls of the UNIVERSE.

jitendra sangai says:

lol there are much better sites than youtube for girls. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything hit this up in your browser:

David Wesley says:

primeiro show que vejo feito .por celulite e estria kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Homestyleforduc says:

They working to make that booty move

rocky balboa says:

no wonder they have such high raperates in brazil XD

itoeu says:

qual o nome da loira de short branco q apareceu no começo?

jorge luiz romualdo says:

mto gostosa

0dimitris9 says:

man screw this
i am gonna be rich till i get to 35 yrs old and then i ll go to brazil
this shit is heaven

jolmeaki says:

Best reply from youtube ever. Would love me a big booty Brazilian. I’m a Puerto Rican living in NY. Brazilian girls are so delicious.

Junior Capone says:

Brazilian and americans the best grisl of the world. 😉

yadigs12 says:

I am actually going to the World Cup in Brazil and sense I am an American with a big dick these bitchs will through them selfs all over me sens I got alot of money!!!!!

TheMar115 says:

yeah right not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty have a look:

TheDiamondGaming1 says:

ha you never get any really good videos on here. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up check out this link:

alkemaoy says:

helll yeaaaa

flicker0546 says:

This clip should be 20 minutes. Not 2.

Claudia Lima says:

pais e lindo mais vulgaridade esta almentando no brasil a custa do corpo meu deus que fim vai ser . depois vao faze que nem a fiticeira vira evangelica e videos fica bolando e agora quando tive os filhos e chega ver a sua mae mostrando o rabo para o mundo virtual nossa que vergonha de ser brasileira …. o mundo pensa que as brasileiras sao putas so por causa disso aie viu….. vergonha de ser brasileira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fora a vulgaridade!!!!!!

Claudia Lima says:

vai dentro merdas !! nem toda brasileira e igual viu que baixaria e nao venha dize que eu esteja com inverja disso agora quero ve no dia que deus vim onde vai fica isso tudo na internete valia. que vergonha de ser brasileira !!!! foda se o dinheiro vai trabalha ao inves de mostra o rabo na interne ..

heyman177 says:

im 12 nd wat is ths

MrFrnkieb says:

when brazil women dance, its not just a dance. its a booty celebration. love it!

Sacha Marlot says:

What is the name of the girl 1:08 – 1:17 ??

7drakkar1 says:

I Love those Girls from Brazil!!!

Crzyham luke says:

My every first Porn

Ali ThuqLife says:

mmmmmmmm im cuming!

TheMike5478 says:

Soooo hmmmmm

MrStarmaster6 says:

hahaha not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you go here bit.lyXdHWS8

Trock316 says:

i wish i had that dj job.. he see booty everyday of the week

adam cluver says:

1st girl n white and 4th girl in black r amazing!

jc outlaw says:

my gf need to watch this. this is how to ride a fckin cock

Youtube865336 says:

I love my country

MrSigma77 says:

They all can ride the hell out my di ck and take all what’s left ( my cum).

gangsterboogie Boogie says:

I’ma F the ISH outta them

VivienTamathaKeena says:

wow.. u can download the full video here [ bit .ly/ZWO2Kh ]

MrAtecubanos14 says:

Eu Gozei.

Pardeep Chauhan Saini says:

so nice i like that… plz post more booty video

Panthro22 says:

Damn girls! I got some MEAT for those bootays!!!

jolmeaki says:

Who wants to go to Brazil?

zozo kale says:

I tried, tried really hard to keep my hands away from my rock solid penis not to jerk off but this was too much and my dick went into automatic and jerked off by itselt so i busted all over the keyboard and fucked up the shit. I don’t have the money to keep buy keyboards so i won’t bother watching similar ones like this…im good.

Langtry613 says:

0:08  GOD DAMN!

onic222 says:

ive done it… ididnt jerk off :[

DefenderofRoses says:

*packs bags…*

Patolin Kapuz says:


ridwan wan says:

Nice valde nice, AMO HIC MULIER O

ridwan wan says:

pagede gede bujur baradag euy hayang ihhhh mere moal..

cim bombom says:

0:28 sok soks vur

MrChasitee says:

The girl at 0:13 name??

klopwas says:


mrmoenyman12 says:

She make a gay nigga reconsiter

Vlad Tepez says:

the music??????? name /artist???

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