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Pole, greatness.


peachykeenjellybeanz says:

Not a fan of exotic pole work, but she has crazy strength and skill 🙂

ltilney16 says:

Just incredible! If I could be half as good as this id be happy

gracetoogood123 says:

show off

HelloKiitty_ says:

Pretty 🙂

stephanie cedeno says:

Waoo magnific

Yusra X says:

That is soooo cool

Paulina Pekol says:


Hector Candanedo says:

Great dance !!! Wrong shoes!

Sophie Jones says:

Anyone know what her name is?

Rewind Live Sessions says:

Watch my version of this please, watch?v=P-R0he6an0Q

angelcutekid2 says:


groundstryker says:

I’m not much for exotic dancing, but she makes look like an art. Good strength, balance, timing and artist choice. She should see about dancing for hip hop artist.

Chasey Lee says:

★★★ LandOfCams . com ★★★

Anna Czornik says:

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)

littlewing1231 says:

the song is Paradise Circus by Massive Attack…but its a remix

alexandragomez says:

What is the name of.the.dancer? Thanks

eirini dimi says:

hey awesome dance really!what’s the name of the song??

sparklykittycupcake says:

This is AWESOME!!!

wislafan18 says:

wtf is your face

Mindi Tran says:


Clifton Bellard says:

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NafretiriRose says:

Hi, awesome dance, would love to know what the song is.. 🙂

brent little says:

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max camman says:

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