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And now for something completely different:

Song: Baauer – Harlem Shake

DayZ Version:


Maj Saarema(Original Dancer)
1stLt Drumheller(me)
SSgt Benevento
Cpl Durant
Cpl McDermott
Cpl Heckman
Cpl Dawe
Cpl Byrd
HM3 B. Counts
LCpl Donado
LCpl Holliday
LCpl Scanlan
LCpl C. Counts
LCpl Westfield
Pvt Poirier(poor yay)

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-The two most common questions I’m asked is what my system specs are and what I use to record:

Computer: i5 Ivy Bridge 3570k; 120 gig SSD; 1tb Standard HD(for recording); 8 gigs ram; nVidia Geforce GTX 560ti

Recording: Fraps for video and system audio; Audacity for personal audio.

15th MEU Realism Unit: The 15th is always recruiting(Must be 17 or older)

All of our missions are vs. AI. The 15th doesn’t officially PvP.

Official 15th Youtube Channel:

This video is created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
See for more information.


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