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nele vaarmets says:


Ivy Huang says:

xDDD Russians don’t count like that. god this made me laugh so much. penis fingers 🙂

Maressa Cortes says:

I literally HAD TO look up how to make poached eggs. Now I’m learning to cook eggs in many different ways.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life>_<

daughterandmommy1 says:

Jyler all the was

IndieGuitarGirl says:

Jyler, Tyler as Jesus, i ship it.

NickJGotMeGoinCrazy1 says:

I know, it just looks like a Tyler face tattoo silly

Chase Fritz says:

WELL HELLO THERE! I recently joined YouTube and thought it would be fun to make a couple videos! I’d love for a couple more people to see them so feel free to check them out! Thank you dudes and dudettes (and everything in between)!

Rahul Singh says:

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Saffron Taylor-Edwardson says:

penis fingers!!!! 😉

coopaly says:

No, he is engaged to Tanya Burr

StopIt LoveIt says:

No, he’s in a relationship with Tania Burr 🙂

alexia arellano says:

NO entiendo lo que dicen:'(

Zilvinas Kovas says:

Is Jim gay?

audreysatria07 says:

british accent

Rick Cauthen says:

OMG! Tyler, you have never heard of poached eggs! How is that possible….

Kiara Williams says:

Penis fingers

Ellen Murphy says:

3:15 Tanya is one lucky woman lol

Ellen Murphy says:

3:15 Tanya is one lucky woman lol

Sierravividmakeup1 says:

Tyler is the most adorable person

carlos faulkner says:

the food part was sounded so fuckin dirty

breathingdancing says:

tyler so casually “i’ve got the equipment i’m about to play with” hahahahaha!

Jodie Katzer says:

If I had to be handcuffed to a utuber i t would be you shana or pewdiepie

lauratenveen says:

but Jims reaction to the Tylers penisfingers, SO CUTE

Lindsay Noro says:

Fanfic I found

ZilahWHO says:

Poached eggs are delicious, I eat them that way too. Lol

Gabby Sanchez says:

8 was good

jennifer cruz says:

I’m 16 ….

Marina Billings says:

I love glozell

Makari Espe says:

Hey everyone! I know these types of comments are annoying, however I’m really trying to get my channel out there! Come check it out! :)

Saiyuki Maru says:

I shall now write fanficton about them and make it VERY SMUTTY!!!!!!!!

Fartingskittles says:

For Tyler

Fartingskittles says:

If you still interested in kpop check out super junior

Elise Helset says:

Penises as fingers l0l “fap around!” WTF HAHAHAH

ohthesarcasticone says:

Tyler, our Lord and savior

stephanie flores says:


Emily Mae says:

Hhahahah Penis fingers 😉

CottonMickey says:

I’m afraid of bugs too, especially bees. If one comes near me i will run away and scream and everyone looks at me weird haha

Kobura040 says:

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Steph Zhang says:

Haha I’m one of those ten eleven or twelve year olds that write the most disgusting stuff ;)

aniyah seay says:

Jim is gorgeous Tyler is sexy and I just love Tyler

Tina Fumo says:

I have a fear of snails too

Sara Flatt says:

I love the song in your video backgrounds! What is it?

Rebecca Cannon says:

Would your fingers get hard? Because I feel like finger boners would be hard for a guy to hide in high school.

farida fathy says:

I love you guys sooo much ❤❤ I loved the video …ohh and Tyler I just LOVE the way you laugh it makes me laugh too you’re so cute

splashpont says:

The world is a rainbow…..

lukozzade says:

Not for Tyler 😉

london tipton says:

lmao i tyler is afraid of snails me toooo

IanFrancoC says:

I want a friend like Jim ):

fredisreallyannoying says:

Mickey Mouse hands

escraeno says:

Did you meet every one on your birthday????? ?,^

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