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Visiting Sacramento, Giving you guys a glimpse of 1 of many lap dances that I will be getting from Kiarra (because I won the GF Test), Doing that Red Nose da…


Facourtney Mcclain says:

Girl n the gray sexy ass fuck

Ayanah Whetstone says:


SChome100 says:


Jessica Awoh says:

Ugly girl ahh

Dejahn Carr says:


Troy richard says:


Troy richard says:


Ways Brown says:


alexus johnson says:


isaac wheeler says:

sooo sexy

chinalove2417 says:


Kenyata Watts says:

can you come home

MrJasonSchock says:

WTF! Guys, if you wanna see a real-life HOMEMADE NUDE VIDEOS,
Just search >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “Angela’s Confessions”
It’s a blog of an Asian girl and believe me, you will not regret visiting
it! I have downloaded her video and I almost came freehand while
watching it. LMAO. just sharing.

madijustice12345 says:

Awsome oants and u guys seem cool 🙂

TheAudura Hughes says:

where did you get those AWESOME pants??

Tally Schwenk says:

you two are gorgeous lol I’m in love

La'Quan Thomas says:



Inn love :O <3 <3 lol

bigjuicy42ify says:

So u are not rite

kirbypoohbear says:

Yo amber uve got it going on! Im a fan now on ur vlogs! Keep it real gorgeous!

lilpol6 says:

She did that

SVKY DOE says:

haha @”im a basketballer”

Darien Davis says:

Red Nose

zateya so pretty says:



Song at 6:44 :

jada johnson says:

Red nose

Mya Causey says:

Love. The. Video

anylah65 says:

Amber n ciara can b twins nbss

Kaylee Brown says:

You girls are gorgeous, I wish I was that beautiful

Crystal Valentine says:


cutiepie45920 says:

Check out me & my sexy cousin do the rednose on my channel

StunnaCharmz says:

you n ya girl both got swag. haha I hope I get a lap dance on my bday!

bigdaddy21d says:


Charlie Mouse says:

damn these bishes hatin coz these women beautiful. u hating coz u cant be them. u hatin coz u cant be on them. u go gurls <3

loopylottie100 says:

Gay girls are still females, of course youre going to get those girls that dress a little less girly, but nevertheless they are still females, so dont be shocked and make stupid comments!

flickerform40 says:

I actually thought your ham neck comment was funny but I saw that it was part of an ongoing attack so I removed it

flickerform40 says:

what do those containers contain..and where are you going to school at? that there’s no school here! OH MY GOD! I cracked the hell up!

4450012 says:

4:38 ooh shit that women is beautiful straight stunning

ciku babey says:

amber seriously looks like Ciara damn or am I the only 1

Niya Reynolds says:

I thought tht was a skirt to

Nora L says:

holy shit i thought she was wearing a skirt

regina watkins says:

omg to these ppl who are talking yall need to shut the fuck like omg so wat she a lesbian she didnt ask u to watch her videos leave her alone she pretty amber dont let anyone tell u other wise ur a great person u have a handsome nephew a pretty sister let this haters talk u kee

GlamorGirlzVevo says:

Amber r u trying to be a guy I like ur tomboy clothing style but I think tht u would look better as a girly girl I’m not saying U r ugly

Shekayla McRoy says:

You ugly

minnie sanchez says:


sammi serna says:


NiNi NaCole says:

I clicked on this cause i thought i was a boy & a girl x.x
I thought wrong..

kerineshadupard says:

Sexy Bitches

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