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aligned576 says:

Love salsa with my entire soul. I am from Guyana, SA. Just love the culture 😉

Felix Patricio Barria Igor says:

Muy buenos bailarines,las mujerres bailan con mucha gracia,acompañan muy bien a sus bailarines,los felicito…desdeConcepciòn.Chile.

QNH1013 says:

The first couple dances on2 to a cuban rhythm, best social dancer ? Hmm…….! Really ?

oblitas tovar says:

bailan como yo que bueno

Franco Octavio says:

Hola alguien me puede decir como se llama la cansion del 5to baile!!!

Julii Villalta says:

Esta salsa de salon tiene cierto tipo de movimientos mecanicos q no molan , peeero felicidades a todos

actrika says:

Ray Barreto – Trucutu

quan giang says:

what is the name of the song number 2?

Patrick Tito says:

360 collect.

Valerie Lamiss says:

The Easiest Way To Learn Salsa From Home!

Vince D'Amico says:

Telemark or double cross body lead. I’ve heard a couple of different names for it.

Chris Martin says:

I don’t agree with the couples they picked to go to the Finals. I prefer the 2nd couple from the beginning. Better musicality…smoother dancing…

ayd1nmo says:

What’s the move they do at 0:47 – 0:49, also repeats at 1:20 – 1:22 and 1:30 – 1:32?

adelina maria Matache says:


priscilla gp says:

la música es lo mejor¨

luciano pablo Godoy says:


Mario Olortiga Esquivel says:

Alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion que suena en minuto 10:38

Jhonny D says:

coreografias del montón para mi esto es salsa mecánica todos bailan ugual y para que tantas vueltas cojone. ..nada como el el tilo propio .. malditas copias

jesus perez says:

Y la Salsa manda!And Salsa rules!

JwlsMambo says:

Nice Nice.. You all looking good!!!

Chad Detoski says:

The first song is GOZALO – El Rubio Loco

jc1ay says:

19:00 Marry me Katryna!

Marianne Dawson says:

Thanks Phil G!!! Pat and i have been dancing together for a few years now and we do it cos we love it so much!!! marianne 🙂

nuyorican210 says:

I am Puerto Rican, and it is Awesome when I see other nationalities embracing and enjoying my Culture!!!! You guys are Great!!!

nuyorican210 says:

This is so freaking Caliente!!!!!! Wow!!!

luciano pablo Godoy says:

What is the name of de first song. Thanks!

Revivedwolfhajime says:

In the first heat anybody know the name the final theme says somenthing like this “me abriste tu corazon con lo quete canto”

Phil G says:

I found out the song used at 10:30 is Tu Volveras by Kevin Ceballo Album Yo Soy Ese Hombre

Phil G says:

the couple at 10:30 are amazing. They know what they are doing but the biggest thing is that they are having so much fun. Isn’t that what salsa is all about? Just have fun and smile. if anyone knows the song they danced to, please respond back. thanks

montsepoo says:

all were very very good, but i loved loved loved the winners and couple number 4 that man can dance uff

geoffrey300 says:

I love Salsa dancing too. You two are really good. Am still at level 3

SONO12345678 says:


Juan Ruiz says:

awesome Hanson!! thanks for posting it!! great to see this again!

Ulysses Maclaren says:

Thanks Hanson. Everyone did really well i this. good job all 🙂

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